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23Reevu MSX1 helmet gives riders a nice view of their behinds [w/video]

Reevu MSX1 Helmet – Click above to watch a video after the break

31Will we ever replace the standard rear- and side-view mirror?

Recently, we received the following question from a reader:

14Transparent displays on their way to automobiles

There's no doubt that car dashboards will soon be swept up in the technology revolution -- but rear-view mirrors? Korean company NeoView Kolon developed a kind of transparent transistor for an OLED display, and now they have found a way to integrate that technology into a rear-view mirror. As seen above, the mirror would display what looks like speed as well as two other numerical indicators, what gear you're in, and a host of ancillary information.

20Ford doubling availability of Rear View Camera option

Ford's rear view camera system is unique in that it displays video at bumper level in the rear view mirror as opposed to the navigation system. We found Ford's system to work well when we tested it, and customers appreciate the fact that they can purchase the system without also buying an expensive navigation system. Ford is looking to sell a lot more rear view camera systems, too, as the Blue Oval is doubling its availability in models for 2009. The rear view camera will find its way onto 75% o

11Azentek nav-equipped SmartMirror coming end of year

Everything is in line to be a convergence device, and now the boring rear view mirror has stepped under the lights to get stuffed with extra equipment. The Azentek SmartMirror has a four-inch touchscreen on the right for a 2D and 3D text-to-speech GPS display. It's also offers Bluetooth connectivity, a call log, and caller ID. It has two video inputs, one that can be used for a rear view camera, and an SD card slot in case you want to record... well, whatever you might want to record with your r

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