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12Hot Wheels introduces remote controlled Stealth Rides

Hot Wheels has just rolled out two new R/C cars in the Stealth Rides line. The collapsible racers fit into their own cases which double as infrared remote controls. At the moment there are just two vehicles – one with wheels and another with treads – but in October Batman's Tumbler joins the party. The good news is they fit in any pocket, run for about 45 minutes and cost just $25. The not so good news is that when that 45 minutes is up you'll have to replace five watch batteries &nd

19Lamborghini licenses insane limited-edition Reventón R/C car

Lamborghini Reventón R/C Car – Click above for image gallery

21Video: Reverse-engineered Wipeout racing videogame is silly brilliance

Click above to watch the video after the jump

AddDream of owning a hydrogen-powered car? Here's a 1:10 scale version for ya [w/video] *UPDATE

Horizon's H-Cell 2.0 fuel cell kit – Click above to watch video after the jump

26Video: Sign #5,328 You Have Too Much Free Time - Lego R/C Veyron with seven-speed gearbox

Remote control Lego Technic Bugatti Veryon – Click above to watch video after the jump

28Video: Super slo-mo R/C cars lose all sense of scale

R/C cars in slow motion – Click above for the video after the jump

40Video: The coolest R/C footage we've seen in a long time stars... a Nissan Sentra SE-R?

Nissan Sentra SE-R writ small – Click above to see the video after the jump

44Caption Contest: Giving the gift of green against our better judgement

The move to electric-powered vehicles is still in its fledgling stages, but there are plenty of signs that the next few years will finally start ushering in battery-powered transportation for the masses. But there's one class of vehicle that has almost always been powered by batteries: R/C cars. Slap in a couple of 9-volt batteries and a slew of AA cells, and kids of all ages get to pretend they're Ken Block in the backyard until mom says it's time to clean up for supper.

26VIDEO: Radio-controlled motorcycles take to the track

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14Video: R/C car plays Mario Brothers theme song on bottles

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1Jalopnik gets fresh duds, gives away VW "micro"-bus

Jalopnik recently launched a new site design, and realized its new look required a vehicle giveaway to keep them near the head of the class. You won't hear any argument from us. A previous re-do brought speculation of an engineless early 80's El Camino, but unfortunately that never happened.

18MINI GP slower than an R/C car

Fifth Gear recently took advantage of having a MINI GP to run their own mini GP. That is a race between a MINI GP and the fastest tiny vehicle they could find that might be a real challenge to the MINI. After thinking through the list of would be competitors for this 218 hp, lightened and stiffened MINI, they landed on the perfect match; an R/C car. Seriously. They found Andy Moore who happens to be an R/C touring car champion. They pitted Vicki and him against each other on a full size track. Y

6Video: RC car drifting cooler than the real thing

The drifting craze seems to have died down to a quiet din, but this video of RC car drifting has renewed our interest, if only in a small way.

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