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31New survey finds the majority of likely US voters do not want an increase in gasoline tax

While people are pretty sure the U.S. government needs to do something about the country's mounting debt, raising gas taxes is not going to be a popular part of the solution. Recently, Rasmussen Reports conducted a national telephone survey and found that only 33 percent of U.S. voters supported a gas tax hike. A whopping 53 percent flat out oppose it, even if the increase was used only for building and maintaining the Interstate Highway System.

67Rasmussen Reports: More Car Buyers Looking For "American"

A Rasmussen Reports poll fielded in November – before General Motors' IPO – finds a rise in the preference of "American-built" vehicles, as well as a willingness to accept U.S.-built Toyota and BMW products as the same as buying an "American" product.

40STUDY: Ford continues to find favor with consumers while GM, Chysler decline

Bankruptcy may have put General Motors and Chrysler in a better financial position, but a report from Rasmussen shows that public opinion may have taken a big hit in the process. The survey, which was completed by 1,000 Americans in late July, shows that only 38% of Americans now have a favorable opinion of GM, down six points from May, and 21% of respondents have a very unfavorable view of the Detroit-based automaker. Chrysler now only has a 34% favorable rating, also down six points, while its

51POLL: 54% of Americans against Cash for Clunkers, 59% expect GM quality to dip under gov't. ownership

America's "Cash for Clunkers" bill is on the cusp of being signed by President Obama, but according to a new survey by Rasmussen Reports, a majority of U.S. citizens aren't in favor of the plan.

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