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19Ram Trucks now shipping 2011 chassis cabs in North America

2011 Ram Chassis Cabs for North America – Click above for high-res image gallery

29Will Ram get new models like Chrysler's other brands?

It wouldn't make any sense for Fiat to break Ram into its own brand and then not do anything to showcase it. This is just speculation for the moment, but Ram's first steps into the spotlight could be with two trucks called the Laramie Prospector and Laramie Western Sky.

18Dodge increases towing capacity of 2010 Ram on paper with no hardware changes

To paraphrase – Dodge: "Gosh, the Ram is even better than we thought." That's essentially the explanation given as to why the Ram's maximum towing capacity has been bumped from 9,100 pounds to 10,450 without any apparent hardware changes. Now fully coil-sprung, Chrysler initially said this new setup (as opposed to leaf springs) offers significantly better ride quality, and since research indicated that 80 percent of owners tow just 6,000 pounds or less, joining the fracas of half ton truck

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