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26Bugatti showcases the Bumblebee of Veyrons in Qatar

With a gazillion color options for every little part of the Bugatti Veyron, there's no reason why any two examples should be alike. (Except for maybe an inverse correlation between wealth and imagination.) So it would stand to reason that every Bugatti should be considered a special edition of one. And that certainly appears to be the case, as the French marque seems to bring out another special edition at every possible opportunity.

60When your country floats on oil, your police drive only Porsches

Qatar's police force has a sizable fleet of Porsche Panamera and Cayenne patrol vehicles at its disposal. How is this? Well, Qatar has lots of oil, for starters, so there's that income. The emirate also holds a 17 percent stake of preferential shares in the Volkswagen Group. So, it's not particularly hard to see how the stable of luxo-cop cars came to be. The force took them for a spin on December 18, Qatar National Day, and you can get a look at the coolest fleet in the video after the jump.

3BMW 1M Coupe MotoGP safety car lit up and ready to roll

The 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe is serving duty as one of the safety cars for the 2011 MotoGP Championship, which kicks off this weekend at the Grand Prix of Qatar. The 1M Coupe that will be handling safety car duties has been smartened up a little from stock, starting with an Akrapovic sport exhaust.

AddStoner crashes, Rossi wins: MotoGP 2010 is officially out of the chutes

Yes, we can officially get, not just a little, but very excited by the first taste of Grand Prix action from the opening round of MotoGP, which happened over the weekend at Losail Raceway in Doha, Qatar. The Doctor, Valentino Rossi, continues to prove that his winning ways are no mere fluke, as he topped the podium at Losail followed by Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso.

22BREAKING: Porsche offices raided on suspicion of stock manipulation

The soap opera surrounding Volkswagen AG and Porsche has just taken a turn for the legal, as Bloomberg reports that the company's German offices have been raided by prosecutors who are investigating whether the automaker has violated security laws.

26Qatar buys 10 percent of Porsche, options for 20 percent of VW

Qatar PM Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani and Dr. Wolfgang Porsche

8Did you think the VW-Porsche deal was done? Nein.

When Volkswagen and Porsche sat down at dinner to discuss which one was going to eat the other one, they forgot to invite the German tax man. After VW came to terms with Porsche to take a 49.9% stake in the Stuttgart sports car maker for €8 billion (around $11.4 billion U.S.), the parties discovered there would be a €3 billion ($4.26B) tax bill on top of that.

13Porsche loan request rejected by Germany's state bank

Porsche is profitable and it owns a big chunk of the far larger Volkswagen, yet cash seems to be in short supply. Automotive News is reporting that the world-renowned luxury sports car maker's 1.75 billion euro ($2.45 billion USD) loan request from German state bank KFW has been rejected, leaving Porsche to search elsewhere for funding. Porsche secured 10.75 billion euros ($15.1B) in financing from banks in March to feed its 9 billion euro debt ($12.6B) mountain, but it's looking for alternative

10REPORT: VW leans on Porsche, Porsche responds, "We will not accept extortion."

Porsche maintains it still has its mojo, but Volkswagen is treating the company like Porsche's got lunch money and VW is hungry. VW -- which Porsche effectively owns -- loaned Porsche €700 million ($983.8 million) earlier this year, with Porsche due to pay it back in September. As collateral for the loan Porsche used its wholesale distribution arm Porsche Holding GmbH.

9Porsche nearing sale of 25% stake to Qatar?

After a few years of financial windfalls, Porsche is suddenly in need of plenty of capital. The German automaker already received a 700 million euro ($978 million U.S.) bridge loan from Volkswagen in March to stay out of bankruptcy, and it is reportedly in talks with banks to secure 1.75 billion euros ($2.42 billion U.S.) in financing.

22Porsche reportedly closing in on Qatar investment deal

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S in the Autoblog Garage – Click above for high-res image gallery

2222-year-old sheik spending $10M a year to become the Yankees of drag racing?

There are a number of parallels with an all-American tale of racing fan turned team owner: Man loves drag racing since boyhood, comes from a region crazy for the sport, started off in racing's little league, and races to win even in the big leagues. Yet the differences are enough to inform us that this is a Yankees tale, not an Oakland A's tale: the team owner in question is Qatari native Sheik Khalid bin Hamad Al-Thani, all of 22 years old, with a bank account that would make Croesus blush.

12Qatar pondering taking stake in Porsche?

The worst secret in the universe is that there's a lot of money in the Middle East and the Gulf states are looking all over the world for places to put it. Abu Dhabi's Aabar investment spent €1.95 billion on a 9.1% stake in Daimler (around $2.5B USD), and now the state of Qatar is eying what could be a double-digit stake in Porsche. Qatar hasn't floated any potential investment sums, but said one sheikh, "we are looking into this issue."

AddTo fund electric vehicles, Daimler sells $2.7b of shares to Abu Dhabi gov't

Daimler is casting a wide net to make progress on the 10,000 electric vehicles it wants to sell by 2012. The company partners with Evonik for the development and manufacturing of automotive lithium ion batteries and is looking for another partner to join that project. Daimler is also working with Tesla Motors on the smart ed. The latest from the German company is the sale of $2.7 billion worth of shares the Abu Dhabi government in order to fund electric vehicles an develop composite materials to

AddTesla vs camels: Showdown in the desert

The tight grip that camels have traditionally held on oil-free driving in the sandy lands of the United Arab Emirates may be loosening. Although those iconic ships-of-the-desert have long held sway for those who did not want to be beholden to oil companies, vehicles from Tesla Motors may soon begin impinging on their turf. Not only is Tesla in talks to supply sedans to act as beasts of burden, carrying visitors and their baggage about, but they may also be getting a toe-hold in another historic

AddLamborghini flown from Qatar to London and back... for an oil change

In a virtual slap to the face of eco-friendly drivers worldwide, a wealthy Sheikh went to the trouble of shipping his oddly-hued Lamborghini from Qatar to London and back... for an oil change. That is 3,250 miles each way, or about the total distance likely traveled between oil changes in the first place. It's bad enough that the Lambo LP640 is a high carbon-emitter in the first place, but this act truly shows utter disregard for the environment. The shipping companies seemed to agree, with an a

AddQatar starts exporting GTL fuel but won't use it locally

The Oryx gas-to-liquid (GTL) plant in Qatar started exporting its output about a month ago but the Energy Minister Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah says the tiny Persian Gulf state has no intention of using the fuel locally. The GTL fuel needs to be blended with other fuels to make it usable and the local market isn't large enough to justify doing this. The cost of GTL is also much higher than other fuels so they see no need to keep it in the country.

5Ferrari Store - Los Angeles opens in the Beverly Center

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