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AddMagic Bus Could Ride (Above) U.S. Roads

A few months back we posted on the "3D Express Coach," an innovative new bus designed by the Chinese organization Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment. Though it looked like the stuff of science fiction, the design actually made a lot of sense: Make use of space between passenger cars and bridges in order to alleviate China's enormous traffic congestion problem and to save money on construction costs. While the sheer ambition and originality of the design was probably enough to get you

AddDoes driving make you fat? Can public transportation, biking and walking keep you skinny?

To follow up on our recent article titled "Overweight and overfueled - fat America uses more gas" we thought we'd offer some additional information that's relevant to the topic. A recent study conducted by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) suggests that U.S. drivers may be overweight partially due to factors beyond their immediate control. The APTA study found that:

AddInfographic: eight cities and their commuting patterns

Whether this graphic makes seeing the commuting pattern of eight major U.S. cities easier to understand or clear as mud might be a personal choice. We happen to think it's quite clever, and you can see the larger version here.

AddWhy conservatives should support the "good kind" of public transit

Public transportation options – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddStudy: access to good public transportation can make foreclosures less likely

Would you believe that there's a connection between owning a car and having to foreclose on your home? A study by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that yes, indeed, there is. At least, a relationship was found in the three areas that the study looked at: San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL and Jacksonville, FL. While the correlation wasn't giant, it does seem that there's something to the idea of "location-efficient neighborhood design" being good for housing stability (read the PDF).

AddShould we be building electric cars or streetcars?

While the emissions produced by cars traversing the world's cities are undoubtedly a problem, it is by no means the only issue with personal transportation. As the world's car fleet continues to grow, the problem of traffic congestion will get dramatically worse, even if they are all powered by magic electric fairies.

AddBu$ vs. car? Public transit can save riders an average of $9,200 a year

In some place (New York City, we're thinking of you), taking public transportation is just the most sensible way to get around most of the time. In others (West Oklahoma, say) it can't even be considered. Still, if there is a bus or rail line near your home and work, taking advantage of it isn't just a deal for the environment, it's also way easy on your pocketbook.

AddHow can I live without a car?

Overall, the trend for the upcoming years will be more and more cars, maybe up to 3.5 billion around the world (there are about 800 million on the roads today). Cars like the ultra-cheap Tata Nano are opening the door for more and more people to own their own car, and a lot of people are eager to get their hands on one.

AddPublic transportation ridership up in 2008; next year should be higher

Click above to enlarge; click here for another chart

AddUK Transportation Chief rides a scooter, tells others to ride the bus

I picked up this little story from The Scooter Scoop, which I can always count on to have funny little blurbs of interest. It seems that UK Transportation Chief Martin Mullaney has been chided for not taking his own advice, which is to ride the bus to work. The problem? He rides his scooter. I can appreciate the Lambretta myself, being a lover of most things on two wheels, but those old two-stroke motors are quite the polluters. Modern scooters are almost all four-strokers these days, and the tw

AddSales tax vote will determine hybrid bus future in Miami

There's a lot of value in a penny. At least, there could be if citizens in Broward county, Florida vote tomorrow to approve a one-cent sales tax increase. The revenue from the increase – expected to be $260 million a year – would go towards transportation projects. This includes purchasing about 500 new diesel-electric hybrid buses, starting within the next two years. The hybrids would replace the 260 current diesel buses and expand the fleet to keep up with the city's growing popula

Add13 ways to make getting around more green (and safer)

Been wanting to make your transportation a little easier on the earth but don't know where to start? Or, if you're already doing a little bit, do you want to do more? Whatever your situation, Treehugger's got some simple tips for you. Their post on the top ten effective ways to go greener includes ones you've heard before (ride a bus, walk more) as well as some less easy ways to greenify getting around (telecommute, become an activist for public transportation). On top of their ten tips, the lis

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