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38HKS Racing Controller for PS3 just makes sense

A steering-wheel-and-pedal setup for your PS3 starts at around $50, but you'll spend at least double that to get into the good stuff. HKS has teamed with InterWorks on a game controller solution that stays at the $50 mark but could work just as well as a wheel while being a little less intrusive.

43Gran Turismo 5 Prologue releases official track and car list, new features

With things like cheap gas and the value of a dollar slowly being taken from us, it's good to see that somebody wants to give us something. For the US release of the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Polyphony has thrown in features the Japanese version didn't get.

9Gran Turismo 5 celebrates the 'Vette with new scans

Click the image above for a hi-res gallery of the 1960 Corvette from GT5

6Jeep comes to the rescue in "Medal of Honor Airborne"

Fans of Electronic Arts' "Medal of Honor" will be pleased to know that life will become a little more exciting in the follow-up game, "Medal of Honor Airborne," thanks to the power of product placement. Jeep's Overland-Willys vehicle, revisiting its World War II roots, will act as a mobile attack platform as well as a driveable vehicle that can access more areas of the game than other available vehicles in the game, which is due to launch in January of 2007 for the

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