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58Volkswagen announces new 1.2L three-cylinder diesel; should push new Polo to 71 mpg

Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion – Click above for high-res image gallery

3Norwich City Council orders 50 Volkswagen Polo BlueMotions

Click on the image above for more pictures of the Polo BlueMotion

1Buy a Volkswagen BlueMotion and get that tree planted

You may know what they say: during our lifespan we all should write a book, have a child and plant a tree. Well, the latter is easy: if you purchase a Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion in Spain, the German marque will plant 17 trees for you. This is a similar initiative to one offered by Volkswagen in the US.

13VW Polo BlueMotion is now down to 99g/km CO2

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/tech_news/VW_Polo_now_100_mpg'; Volkswagen has continued tweaking their class-leading Polo BlueMotion model to make it even more efficient. When first announced earlier this year, it was rated at 60.3mpg and 102g/km of carbon dioxide emissions. The latest numbers come in at 61.9mpg for the combined fuel economy according the the EU tests and the CO2 emissions are now under 100 at 99g/km.

2VW Polo BlueMotion at the New York Auto Show

The Polo BlueMotion as we found it on Thursday

AddPolo BlueMotion will shuttle music stars around at ECHO music awards in Berlin

102 Polo BlueMotions (actually, it's probably Polos BlueMotion, isn't it?) served as shuttles at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month. This weekend, 50 of the low-emission vehicles will tool around Berlin in support of the ECHO music awards. The German music awards take place Sunday.

2The finalists for 2007 World Green Car are from BMW, Mercedes and VW

My friend John over at Autoblog did a good job of highlighting the fact that the German automakers cleaned up when it comes to the World Car of the Year finalists. Speaking of cleaning up, (haha) a subcategory of the competition offers up some choices of the "World Green Car", also all from Germany. The finalists are... in no particular order...

AddVW will bring 102 Polo BlueMotions to Geneva - one for each g/km of CO2

In a clever PR touch, Volkswagen will bring 102 of its new Polo BlueMotions to Geneva. That's one vehicle for each gram of CO2 the car emits per kilometer it drives (in testing, at least). We know a little about the car (see here) and the other goodies VW is bringing to the show (like the Passat BlueMotion you can see below), but not much about these: the Caddy Life Edition concept car and the Multivan Panamericana and VW's 'Future of the Car' interactive display. All the company is saying now

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