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23Could gravel roads cause lung cancer? North Dakota scientists think it might...

According to the Associated Press, certain gravel roads in western North Dakota use erionite, a mineral that is mined in the Killdeer mountains. Erionite forms wool-like fribrous masses among rock formations and has properties similar to asbestos. Scientists suspect that, like asbestos, erionite collects in the lungs in those fibrous masses, a factor that could lead to lung cancer in people who have long-term exposure to it.

18North Dakota reps take a local approach to saving Motown

North Dakota state rep. Lisa Wolf (D-Minot) has sponsored, with bipartisan support, an "emergency measure" in the legislature that if passed, could save ND car buyers some pretty decent money. The proposed legislation would eliminate the state's motor vehicle sales, excise, and use taxes on new rides purchased before June 30, 2010. Oh, yeah: there's a significant catch -- the tax break would only apply to vehicles from the Detroit 3. Tax breaks as a stimulus? No-brainer. But in this case, it's p

AddEthanol use must increase according to Sen. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota

Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota says that we could soon be producing too much ethanol for our own use. The U.S. is currently using 140 billion gallons of gasoline a year. According to North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner, there could be an oversupply of ethanol by 2010.

AddA somewhat BOLD plan in U.S. Senate to promote alternative fuel technology even further

As usual with politicians, it’s best to take a skeptical look at any rosy-eyed announcement of brighter tomorrows. Still, Senator Kent Conrad’s (D-ND) plan, annoyingly named the Breaking Our Long-term Dependence (BOLD) Energy Act, has a lot going for it.

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