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23More evidence that Nissan is confident of all-electric Leaf's financial viability

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31Plug-in 2010: Nissan says "we are very comfortable" with Leaf battery warranty level

Following his announcement of the Nissan Leaf's 8-year, 100,000-mile warranty during the plenary session at the Plug-In 2010 Conference this morning, Nissan North America's executive vice president Carlos Tavares spent some time with reporters answering our questions about just what this means for Nissan and Leaf buyers. We asked the first question that came to our mind when the warranty details (such as they are at this point) were revealed, namely, how much more might this cost Nissan than Gen

36Leaf far from sold out, Nissan encourages more pre-orders

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4Renault-Nissan headed to Taiwan with EV promotion plan

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7Nissan Leaf hits 15,000 pre-orders, Aqua Globe blue most popular

The initial surge for Nissan Leaf pre-orders has long since died down, but the company is still steadily racking up more potential sales, albeit at a much slower rate. The last time that we updated the Leaf's pre-order status, U.S. interest stood at 13,000 strong with an additional 6,000 claimed in Japan. Now, Nissan reports that more than 15,000 U.S. buyers have plunked down their $99 reservation fee and stepped in line for the Leaf. Combining the U.S. and Japan, pre-orders for the Leaf now sta

6Nissan opens first technical training center geared to electric vehicles

"I wouldn't touch that thing with a ten-foot pole!" That's the statement we often hear when it comes to working on potentially dangerous electric vehicles (EVs). This anti-EV sentiment can be heard from shadetree mechanics and old-timers who aren't specifically trained to work on the high voltage, amped-up inner workings of EVs – or first responders who know the dangers to the inexperienced – but we often hear similar ramblings from trained automotive technicians. Nissan aims to put

19Leaf records 14,000 U.S. pre-orders, 90% are conquest sales

In auto speak, conquest sales can be loosely defined as a legal form of stealing from others, as in taking potential sales away from other models or swiping buyers who are typically loyal to another brand. Conquest sales are highly coveted, and most automakers actually aim to make vehicles that will sway buyers away from another brand and towards a lifelong commitment to its models. If gaining conquest sales was Nissan's goal with the Leaf, early results show that it succeeded in spades.

AddAutocar drives the Nissan Leaf, walks away with a grin

The first round of test drives of the production Nissan Leaf is over and the overwhelming majority of reviews are extremely positive. Autocar, well known for its in-depth and often critical reviews, walked away with smiles after piloting the Leaf around the track. We can't say that the final verdict is in just yet, but we'd like to think that the glowing reviews of the Leaf are a sign that Nissan got it right.

AddNissan pegs Leaf range between 47 and 138 miles, individual results may vary

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AddSpied: Pre-production Nissan Leaf caught in action wearing nothing but a bit of tape

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AddNissan's Mark Perry responds to Leaf price gouging, says problem is easily averted

Virtually every popular car that's also produced in low quantities is subject to dealer price gouging. High demand, coupled with low supply, typically allows dealers to get away with charging customers more than the sticker price for these rare vehicles. We had thought that the Nissan Leaf would be no exception to this trend. However, Nissan's director of product planning for North America, Mark Perry believes that it's not gonna happen with the Leaf.

AddNissan Leaf gets iPhone app that James Bond wouldn't approve of

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AddBreaking: First Nissan Leaf going to Lance Armstrong in September [w/video]

Cyclist Lance Armstrong with Radio Shack team - Click above to watch video after the jump

AddLeaf orders now stand at 17,000 worldwide, year-end target in sight

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AddWSJ: Nissan Leaf profitable by year three; battery cost closer to $18,000

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AddElectric vehicles love Oregon and vice versa

Oregon has always been a state that values its independence (without having to threaten secession). In fact, the state motto is "alis volat propriis," which (ignoring the no-feminine-pronoun-in-Latin issue) means "she flies with her own wings." That independent spirit lends itself to open-mindedness – which might be a big reason Oregon is quickly becoming a favored proving ground for electric vehicles and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure – and is just one of many reasons we want

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