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30Nurburgring bought by Russian billionaire

The Nürburgring is among the greatest racetracks of the world, with decades of fantastic motorsports history born on the snaking course. However, it seems that running the place as a business is about as difficult as learning the 12.9 miles of corners on the Nordschleife. After a long bankruptcy sale, things appeared to be looking up for the track when a Düsseldorf-based business called Capricon bought the circuit for 77 million euros, plus the promise of future investment. However, ju

31McLaren P1 clocks 7:04 on Nürburgring

Acceleration times and top speeds are all well and fine, but there are few bragging rights quite as hotly contested as a Nürburgring lap time. The current king of the hill is the Dodge Viper ACR, which managed to hustle around the Green Hell in 7:12.1. But that looks poised to be de-throned by the new McLaren P1.

29Nürburgring lap days fast becoming a thing of the past

It may as well be on The List, because lapping the infamous Nordschleife at the Nürburgring is one of those rites of passage for so many driving enthusiasts around the world. It's also increasingly becoming the go-to test track for automakers big and small. But those two things may in the end become mutually exclusive.

42Video: Sabine Schmitz needs your help to save the Nürburgring

Click above to watch the video after the jump

8Norschleife watches measure the time that counts

Time. It's just about the ultimate bragging right when it comes to high-performance automobiles, and it usually comes down to one factor: how fast can said car get around the Nürburgring Nordschleife? Although hundreds of variables can come between a sportscar and a good lap time at the 'Ring, it's become the definitive yardstick by which such vehicles are measured. And if you're going to undertake to set a new record, you're going to need the right machine to measure it by.

35Video: EVO takes the Caparo T1 to the 'Ring

Caparo T1 at the Nürburgring – Click above to watch the video after the jump

36Video: Watch the Pagani Zonda R's 6:47 'Ring run

Pagani Zonda R runs the 'Ring – Click above to watch video after the jump

24Pagani Zonda R reportedly sets new Nürburgring record

Pagani Zonda R – Click above for high-res image gallery

49VIDEO: Production spec Lexus LF-A opens the taps outside the 'Ring

The Lexus LF-A supercar has been a long time coming and Toyota has finally confirmed (in an ambiguous press release) that the production version is headed to the Tokyo Motor Show next month. The LF-A (or LF-L) is a lock for production and rumors have the Japanese supercar going on sale in the UK as early as this month. Lending more credence to its imminent arrival: a new video of the LF-A leaving a gas station outside the Nurburgring.

14The Magic Ringdom: themepark planned for the N�rburgring

Some trends in the automotive industry worry us. Seriously. The emergence of car theme parks, however, does not. In fact, it makes us giddy as schoolkids. At Disneyland. With ice cream.

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