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8Fiat: all automakers will eventually adopt efficiency-boosting MultiAir technology

Fiat is widely recognized for its achievements in several automotive-related technologies. The company is credited as the creator of the common rail diesel engine, which is employed by virtually all automakers now, and they are credited with the automated manual transmission, also in widespread usage. The company says its newest crowning achievement – the MultiAir induction technology – will make its way here to the States with the release of the Fiat 500 and the company believes tha

3Chrysler announces $179 million investment in Dundee plant to build Fiat Multiair engines

In a none-too-shocking announcement, Chrysler has said it will invest $179 million to convert its engine plant in Dundee, Michigan, from building the so-called World Engine to Fiat's 1.4-liter Fully Integrated Robotized Engine. Back in September, Chrysler bought out its former partners Hyundai and Mitsubishi so that it could utilize the Dundee facilities to build the new Multiair powerplants.

22Geneva 2009: Fiat unveils new Multiair engine line

Fiat's not planning to give up its title as the lowest CO2-producing line in Europe any time soon. While diesel engines remain the best choice when carbon emissions are the main concern, the Italian automaker has invested plenty of research and development into its Multiair technology for gasoline powerplants. The latest engines using this tech were unveiled earlier this week at the Geneva Motor Show, as expected.

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