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53The Deliver is the oddest electric van we've ever seen [w/video]

UK's Liberty Electric Cars, a subsidiary of Green Automotive Company and the same group that brought us the E-Range, has built a fully functional prototype of the odd-looking electric delivery van you see above, succinctly called Deliver. The EV looks futuristic – much more like a concept car than something you'd expect to see the milkman driving – but it has practical elements built in.

17Green Automotive will acquire Liberty Electric Cars for about $17 million in stock

There must be a market out there for quarter-million-dollar all-electric Range Rovers, right?

9For $39 milion, Northern Lights Electric orders 150 all-electric E-Range SUVs for Scandinavia

Liberty Electric Cars E-Range – Click above for high-res image gallery

7Liberty Electric Cars looking to rescue Modec

Concerned by news that UK-based electric commercial truck maker Modec fell into administration, Barry Shrier, chief executive officer of Liberty Electric Cars, has committed "significant resources" in an attempt to rescue the ailing automaker. Last Monday, Shrier said:

20Liberty Electric Cars electrifies luxury with the E-Range [w/video]

Liberty Electric Cars E-Range – Click above to watch video after the jump

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