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4LA 2007: Volkswagen SlipStream wins 2007 LA Design Challenge

According to the judges, the fourth year of competition in the LA Design Challenge was the toughest to judge so far, with a host of innovative entrants that attempted to integrate a new mode of transport into every aspect of daily living. The Volkswagen Slipstream team, headed by Derek Jenkins, walked away with the trophy: a cyborg hand that plays Beethoven, equipped with scrolling LEDs displaying the title of the contest. Okie dokie. Anyway, the SlipStream can operate vertically for around town

18LA 2007: Lexus IS-F gets FiveAxified

Click the image above for a high-res gallery of the FiveAxis Lexus IS-F

38LA 2007: Volkswagen Tiguan priced to sell at $22,490

Click on the image above to view in high resolution

6LA 2007: Surf's up! Suzuki SX4 Makai concept

Click above image for high-res gallery of the Suzuki SX4 Makai concept

37LA 2007: US-spec 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution lands (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Another high-res gallery of photos from Frank Filipponio added

56LA 2007: 2008 Subaru WRX STI priced at $34,995 (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Video of the STI unveiling has been added after the jump.

272009 Jaguar XF will range from $49,975 to $62,975

We didn't bother to attend Jaguar's press conference today at the 2007 LA Auto Show, mainly because the only car it had to show off was the North American debut of the 2009 Jaguar XF. Yeah, been there, done that in Frankfurt last September. But Jaguar did announce a nice nugget of news at its presser, which is that the '09 Jaguar XF will start at $49,975 when it goes on sale March 1, 2008 in the U.S. That's for the "standard" XF with the naturally-aspirated 4.2L V8. An uplevel version of the NA

4LA 2007: Deja Vu with Volkswagen space up! blue

Click on the image above to view in high-resolution

86LA 2007: Liveblogging Hyundai Concept Genesis Coupe reveal at 5:30 PM EST

click above image for big gallery of high-res pics

108LA 2007: U.S.-spec Nissan GT-R huge performance bargain at $69,850

UPDATE: Video of live reveal added after jump

28Spy Shots: Hyundai RWD Coupe caught on floor of LA Auto Show

click either image to view three spy shots of Hyundai's RWD coupe

41LA 2007: 2009 Lincoln MKS revealed live [VIDEO]

click above image to view new high-res live shots of the 2009 Lincoln MKS

13LA 2007: VW space up! blue

Click image for photo gallery

86LA 2007: 2009 Lincoln MKS brings new look to American luxury

UPDATE 2: Video of MKS in motion added after the jump

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