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12Report: KTM planning fresh X-Bow variants

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AddKTM may introduce new green vehicle in Geneva

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AddKTM X-Bow will take part in the Race of Champions

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20Aw Snap! Owner crashes KTM X-Bow first time out

It was bound to happen, but it hurts nonetheless. The KTM X-Bow is hot off the presses, and it didn't take long for some brand new ones to show up on the 'Ring in Germany with their new owners behind the wheel. That hallowed circuit has led to the demise of more than a few machines, not to mention their drivers, and will inevitably continue to claim casualties as racers test their skills on its winding asphalt. The latest victim is one of the aforementioned German-powered, Austrian-built sportsc

AddVideo: KTM X-Bow gets track tested

We've been talking about the KTM X-Bow for over a year now and while it's nice to read about a car's innovative lightweight construction and its many event appearances, there's nothing like an in-car video of a few laps around Silverstone to help one gain a true appreciation of how the X-Bow makes good on its performance promise. Of course, this isn't just a track car and will be available for the street but the legendary British circuit is where Drivers Republic jumped into the car-as-art-piece

AddNew range of small eco cars coming from KTM

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AddMagna Steyr tapped to build more KTM X-Bows than expected

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3Brooke Double R gets power bump from blower

Ariel Atoms, Caterham Superlights, KTM X Bows, Derondas and the like tend to follow a certain formula that happens to be very successful in the world of racing. Keep it simple, keep it light, and keep it balanced. They don't need 500-hp V10s to prove their point. Small rev-happy motors that can churn out 140, 180, 220 hp are the norm, but there are always options. Some people look at these horsepower figures and think, "I know it offers a superior driving experience and can lap any given track a

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