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3Honda bringing four new hybrids to China, including Acura NSX

Earlier this year, Honda unveiled a concept version of its Acura NSX at the Detroit Auto Show. Now, the Japanese automaker appears to be taking a speedy approach to hybrid sales in China similar to that mid-engined sports car.

20Honda UK asks: would you rather have a Prius or a Bose sound system (and an Insight)

Here are some answers to a question very few people were asking themselves:

30Consumer Reports blasts Honda Insight, ranked 21 of 22 tested

2009 Honda Insight - Click above for high-res image gallery

33Honda, Toyota make $3,100 profit on each hybrid sold

The whole Insight/Prius price war thing has been settled. We know that the cheapest 2010 Toyota Prius will be $21,750 and the lowest-cost 2010 Honda Insight will be $20,470. Hybrid buyers win because of the competitive price drops, but it turns out that both automakers are also winners. According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei (via Green Car Congress), each hybrid that Honda and Toyota sell earns the respective company about $3,100 in profit. Of course, Toyota also sells the Lexus hybrids, whi

2London's congestion charge expansion will cleanly fuel Honda's sales

Toyota can't be the only one who benefits from the expansion of London's Congestion Charge zone next week, right? Honda is saying it expects there to be 6,500 more hybrid cars in London by 2008 (low-emission hybrids don't have to pay the £8 daily driving charge). In preparation, Honda will make available 3,000 petrol-electric Civic Hybrids in the UK during 2007.

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