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AddFiat could revive Innocenti brand

Most ABG readers probably don't know Italy's Innocenti. Born as a scooter manufacturer, it used to make the Mini for the Italian market, then it was bought by British Leyland and then sold to Fiat. It's the brand where the Y10, which now is called the Lancia Ypsilon, was born. Well, it seems that it might be coming back and become Fiat's "budget" brand, as Dacia is for Renault. According to Autobiz, Innocenti could be the chosen name for Fiat's latest acquisition in Serbia, Zastava, former maker

1Fiat confirms two new small cars under development

Fiat has confirmed rumors that it is developing a new low-cost world car. However while earlier reports suggested a single small car was under consideration, a senior company executive revealed that Fiat is actually developing two new models.

5Tracking down the cars of the stars in Hollywood and beyond: IMCDb

We're willing to bet that more than a few Autoblog regulars have made use of The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) to keep tabs on their favorite star, or answer trivia questions like 'Who was the voice of Jazz in the Transformers Movie?' (A: Scatman Crothers).

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