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30Report: Saturn owners offered $2,000 to stick with GM products

After its decision to euthanize Oldsmobile, General Motors knows exactly what happens when it mothballs one of its brands: GM loses market share to the competition. The General is trying to stop history from repeating itself with Saturn customers by offering $2,000 on the hood of every car and crossover donning the ringed planet badge. Automotive News says the offer actually started on February 2 and runs until the end of March. To be eligible for the $2,000 bounty Saturn owners must have leased

AddGM ends Saturn brand in restructuring; PHEV Vue, we hardly knew ye

Saturn VUE 2 Mode Hybrid - Click above to view high-res gallery

34REPORT: GM asks Saturn dealers to hang on for 60 days

Thank you for calling the General Motors emergency hotline, please hold while we sort out what the heck to do with you...

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