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9Daijiro Yoshihara crowned 2011 Formula Drift champion

Formula Drift headed to Irwindale Speedway to decide who would be crowned the 2011 champion in front of a sold-out crowd. Going into the event, the title race was the closest it had ever been with Falken Tire teammates Daijiro Toshihara and Justin Pawlak separated by just 12.75 points. Each driver had two wins and three podiums this season, leaving the final event to decide the title.

8Formula Drift going 3D on DirecTV

2009 Formula Drift Championship Round - Click above for high-res image gallery

30GSR Autosport BMW 350R: Part IV - Our inaugural event begins with a drift, a snap and a shatter

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33GSR Autosport BMW 350R: Part I - We help build a Formula Drift racecar

GSR Autosport BMW 350R – Click above to watch the progress of the build

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