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AddVW's Junior Passat TDI officially in for Darpa Urban Challenge

Click the photo for a high res gallery of Junior in preliminary evaluation

AddAnother team set to use Passat TDi for DARPA Urban Challenge

We told you previously about DARPA Urban Challenge and the Volkswagen Passat from defending DARPA Grand Challenge winners the Stanford Racing Team. Now there is a second team entering with a Passat TDi wagon, this time from Germany in the form of Team-LUX. The Hamburg based team appears to be taking a more minimalist approach than other competitors. It looks like the vehicle will rely only on a trio of laser scanners, one in each front corner and the third in the rear, as well as a GPS receiver.

2Stanford Racing Team building autonomous Passat TDi with DSG gearbox

The first DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) Grand Challenge event in 2004 was a complete disaster without a single one of the autonomous vehicle competitors managing to complete the 142 mile desert course. The farthest anyone got was about seven miles, and most of the vehicles died on the starting line. The second attempt was somewhat more sucessful with four vehicles completing the 132 mile distance, led by a Volkswagen Touareg named "Stanley", prepared by a team from Stanford U

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