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229Snake In A Car Catches Driver By Surprise

A California woman manages to pull over after finding a large snake in her car

A California woman gets an unwelcome surprise slithering around her leg while driving down the freeway

AddCHP report seemingly sides with Sikes on case of the Runaway Prius

In reality, the California Highway Patrol isn't taking sides with anyone regarding the recent speeding Prius of Jim Sikes. But the CHP doesn't see any reason to doubt Sikes' version of events that led to his hybrid reaching speeds of around 90 miles per hour, apparently unable to bring the barreling vehicle to a stop. Also of note is the fact that a Border Patrol agent had also responded and was leading the Prius with its emergency lights on when the CHP officer arrived.

AddReport: Investigators can't recreate speeding Prius incident, lawyer says, "So?"

Runaway Prius in San Diego – Click above to watch the video

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