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15Autoblog Podcast #175 - Bob Lutz joins in

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AddBob Lutz retires (again), calls Chevy Volt his "proudest achievement"

When Bob "crock of s*!t" Lutz first announced his retirement from General Motors a little over a year ago, he said he would not be around to see development of the Chevrolet Volt. Of course, he returned to the company before he ever really left (becoming vice chairman last December) and kept on strongly promoting the plug-in hybrid. Sometimes, of course, he continued his habit of saying things that attract a lot of attention, like that hybrids won't ever be that great for GM.

AddAt Witz' End - Detroit 2010: Detroit recovers, Lutz pontificates

Bob Lutz speaking at the 2009 LA Auto Show

AddAt Witz' End - What Bob Lutz said in Detroit back then

Bob Lutz speaking at the 2009 LA Auto Show

AddVIDEO: Letterman gives ground on Volt, asks Lutz for first production model

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AddReady for Lutz's appearance on Letterman tonight?

We're going to make a prediction right here and now: Bob Lutz's appearance on Dave Letterman tonight will result in at least two choice quotes. Granted, we're not exactly going out on a limb here, since the stage has been so perfectly set for a great bit of drama. Step one, Letterman loves Elon Musk from Tesla and tears the Volt a new one on national TV; step two, Bob Lutz and the rest of GM get a bit peeved; step three happens tonight. With all of this backstory and Lutz's history of picking th

AddBob Lutz on Letterman's Volt dis: Stupid Human Trick

The common wisdom shaping up around Dave Letterman's smackdown of the Chevy Volt Wednesday night: not funny. The latest to chime in on Dave's dismissal of the work that GM has done with the Voltec technology is one of the Volt's biggest supporters: Bob Lutz. Lutz, GM's Vice Chairman, wrote a piece for the GM Fastlane Blog calling Dave's interview of Tesla Motor's Elon Musk a "Stupid Human Trick."

32Wait, wait. Bob Lutz said what?

National Public Radio has a quirky quiz show called "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me." GM Vice chair Bob Lutz was a guest on Saturday's show. And he said something interesting... in the spirit of the show, we're not going to tell you. Instead you have three choices:

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