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6Cox investment values AutoTrader at $7B as car-selling sites gain strength

Acting as a middleman between potential car buyers and dealerships has become quite a lucrative business. "How lucrative," you ask? Well, a company called Cox Enterprises has just purchased a 25-percent stake in AutoTrader at a price of $1.8 billion. With the help of some simple maths, that works out to a rough value for the car-listing site of $7 billion. In most circles, that'd be called a "helluva lotta money."

113Carfax slapped with $50M antitrust suit by 120 dealers

In December 2012 Automotive News published a piece on dealers unhappy with Carfax, alleging that the most well known used vehicle history reporting company had maneuvered itself into a monopolistic position. Dealers were paying the price for it by being charged more for Carfax reports than they'd have to pay for those from similar agencies, and there was nothing they could do about it. Now it will be for a judge to figure out: Automotive News reports that 120 dealers have joined a class-action l

33How Carfax has cornered the market on car history reports

Ever wonder why Carfax seems to be the only company you ever hear about that offers vehicle history reports?

13Interest in Toyota, GM compacts, hybrids jumps in January

Toyota and General Motors were among automakers whose compact cars and hybrids received a jump in shopper interest last month as gas prices approached $3.40 a gallon, according to the New Car Insights Report on AutoTrader.com.

14AutoTrader is filled with fast machines, some might even call them furious

What happens to former movie cars? If they weren't turned into a balled-up hunk during the on-screen action then they'll most likely find their way to a sales lot. A good place to find vehicles for sale is AutoTrader.com, so it's no surprise that a few star cars have found a home on site's servers.

21AutoTrader buys Kelley Blue Book for undisclosed sum

Consumer car search website AutoTrader.com is now the owner of a brand new (to them) Kelley Blue Book and KBB's CDM Data and CDM Dealer Services. The amount of the transaction hasn't been divulged, but at least on the face of it, it makes perfect sense: once integrated, Kelley's valuation tools will practically be stuck to the pixelated windows of all those used cars of suspect value. KBB will continue as a subsidiary of Auto Trader and remain based in Irvine, California.

10AutoTrader Classics unveils Fireball Tim's 1951 Chevy 3100 "Redster" ahead of SEMA

The Redster by Fireball Tim Lawrence – Click above for high-res image gallery

25Chevy Camaro, Equinox and Hyundai Sonata top AutoTrader research in March

For now, at least, car sales seem to be on an upward trajectory in the States, and according to AutoTrader, Chevrolet and Hyundai seem likely to be beneficiaries of the newfound consumer interest. In March, the most viewed new car on AutoTrader remained the Chevrolet Camaro, outpacing the Ford F150 and Mustang. Now that Ford is releasing all new powertrains for the 2011 Mustangs it will be interesting to see if the Camaro can retain its momentum.

51If Saab dies, who stands to benefit? AutoTrader thinks it's BMW and Audi

When General Motors announced it was sending Saab to that great Viking longboat in the sky, AutoTrader.com dug through its search database to see where bereft Saab customers would turn to for consolation. This will be a surprise to almost no one, but other European marques top the list of substitutes.

16In down economy, searches for big vehicles go up

Click above for a high res gallery of the Tahoe hybrid

41We say BMW, you say... Part 2

Hot on the heels of the recent brandtag exercise that saw BMW drivers labeled as a-holes (and a lot of explanations and justifications in the comments), we have this classified ad from an M3 owner in Peoria, Arizona. Its starts off rather plainly, with a rundown of the aftermarket components with which the seller has graced.

AddAutoTrader Green: 30 mpg or higher only, please

Where do you go to find the latest news and the best unique editorial content on the web when it comes to green automobiles? Right here at AutoblogGreen, of course! But, where do you look when it comes time to make that purchase which you have researched so hard for? Hmmm, that one is a bit tougher, but it sounds like it might be getting much easier. AutoTrader, the nations largest automotive classified magazine company has decided to produce a separate publication which will only include vehicl

6AutoTrader debuts new "Armada" commercial

We try to only show you the commercials we think are really cool because, let's face it, we're only giving away free advertising when we post these things. We had to show you this one that debuted today from AutoTrader, however, because it reminds us a lot of the coolest video we've ever posted on Autoblog, the 1K Project II. Like that video, AutoTrader's commercial, called "Armada", uses CGI to place an unreasonabe amount of vehicles on the road at one time. Considering AutoTrader is in the bus

AddHappy Holiday... from the cars

Ah, the Holidays. While most of us may be focused on gift giving (and receiving), travel plans and food, it's easy to overlook our 4-wheeled friends shivering in the driveway. Here's a cute greeting card from the folks at AutoTrader reminding us that even our cars, trucks and SUVs like to celebrate. In this animated e-card, they remind us of all the things they do for us throughout the year, and especially during the Holiday season.

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