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22Trial of man whose Bugatti Veyron went in the drink mysteriously delayed [w/video]

The mysterious case of the drowned Bugatti Veyron has taken another turn toward the strange.

73Infamous Bugatti offshore excursion going to trial for insurance fraud [w/video]

It appears the gentleman who piloted his Bugatti Veyron into a Texas lagoon has run into a spot of legal trouble. The insurance company that paid out $2 million for the trashed exotic is calling fraud on the whole scenario, and a federal judge has decided that the claim should go before a jury. Andy House of Lufkin, Texas, originally purchased the Veyron after securing an interest-free $1 million loan from Lloyd Gillespie. Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company alleges House attempted to pay a

72Bugatti Bird-gate Followup: Driver identity revealed [*UPDATE: Now with actual crash video!]

Bugatti Veyron of Andy House from Lufkin, Texas - Click above to view video

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