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AddAT&T's green fleet hits milestone of 1,500 CNG and 2,000 alternative fuel vehicles

As corporate fleets across the globe have slowly transformed into a paradise for green cars, finding a company that hasn't revamped at least a portion of its vehicles over to greener technology is becoming harder and harder. Though AT&T would not be considered pioneers in the drive towards greener fleets, the company's recent commitment to cleaner vehicles shows that it's dedicated to cleaning up its act fast.

AddGreen gasoline: Coming soon to a pump near you?

It may sound a bit like something from a Dr. Seuss book, but it seems "green gasoline" is indeed on its way to a pump near you. Terrabon, a Texas-based company specializing in biofuels, reports its alternative fuel is completely compatible with gasoline and can be produced using nearly any kind of organic material, including sewer sludge.

AddDeath Star goes green, 15,000 alt-fuel vehicles coming to AT&T fleet

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AddNew hybrid tech being developed for ALMS, possible new fuel to come

These days, its not much easier to run a racing series than it is to run a car company. However, if there is any series boss who could be said to be in an "enviable" situation, it is Scott Atherton, CEO of the American Le Mans Series. Coming off its tenth anniversary in 2008, the series had its most successful season yet. However, the loss of Audi and Porsche as full time competitors certainly stings, although not to the same degree that Formula One is feeling right now. Even with manufacturers

AddVIDEO: Top Gear looks at alternative fuels in 1990

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/environment/VIDEO_Top_Gear_looks_at_alternative_fuels_in_1990'; As difficult as it may be to believe, interest in alternative fuel vehicles actually pre-dates the launch of AutoblogGreen a little more than two years ago. Another fact that may be tough to swallow is that the BBC's Top Gear was not always the hour of silliness we see today with Clarkson, Hammond and May. In fact Top Gear's current format only began in 2002. Going back in time it had a more staid maga

AddChrysler Exec explains who is trying to stop alternative fuels

At the Management Briefing Seminar in Traverse City on Friday Chrysler's Loren Beard made some remarks that would come as a surprise to those who think that the automakers are in the pocket of the oil companies. Beard is the Senior Manager of Energy Planning and Policy and he spoke about the five groups that are trying to stop alternative fuels.

AddToyota addresses Congress on hybrids

Ethanol was just getting entirely too much attention, so Toyota Motor Company is back on its soap box hawking hybrids and demanding equal time. The automaker addressed Congress on Wednesday, hoping to offset the support Detroit automakers are receiving over their push toward E85 fuel and remind everyone out there of the importance of hybrids. The automaker announced it could make one million hybrids a year, more than doubling the number of hybrids on the road in the United States today

AddAutomotive innovation: 2006 Tour De Sol

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association organizes an annual competition called Tour De Sol, where inventors, students, and entrepreneurs from across the world demonstrate their innovations towards zero carbon emissions, while creating a quality affordable vehicle. This year’ Tour De Sol is being held from May 10th to the 14th at the Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs, NY, and the general public is invited to come see the vehicles on display on Saturday, May 13th. NESEA also s

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