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AddPositive reactions to new CAFE rules abound

First reactions to the new CAFE standards announced yesterday are positive, with both the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Auto Alliance praising the new Clean Cars rules. UCS called the new 34.1 miles per gallon by 2016 number "a really big deal" that will allow Americans to "drive vehicles that save them money at the pump, cut the country's oil dependence, and produce a lot less global warming pollution." Alliance president and CEO Dave McCurdy, who has been fighting for years to get a n

AddDave McCurdy: Congress could extend Cash-For-Clunkers, add more funding

The final Cash-for-Clunkers bill that President Obama signed into law back on June 24th carried a total of $1 billion in funding, which is a quarter of the amount the legislation initially called for. Dave McCurdy, president of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, tells Automotive News that's only enough to cover roughly 250,000 vehicles and – assuming the program is successful – that Congress may vote in the fall to add more funding:

AddAuto Alliance comes out in favor of new federal fuel economy proposals

After fighting fuel economy and emissions rules at both the federal and state levels for many years, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is finally coming out in favor of the new regulatory framework that will be announced by President Obama tomorrow. The biggest sticking point in recent years has been the move to try and block California and other states from effectively setting their own fuel economy standards by regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

AddWho knew? May is National EcoDriving Month

I doubt that the Auto Alliance got official sanctioning for this (where would you go, Congress?) but May has been declared "National EcoDriving Month." That means that the Alliance and their EcoDrivingUSA program are out "encouraging all drivers to take simple steps to improve their fuel efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint." The main message of the month is that anyone, from you and me to the Alliance's racing partner, Indy Goes Green, sponsored by the racing team of Nelson Philippe, ca

AddAuto Alliance, Pew Campaign have different responses to Vermont GHG decision

Some are happy, some are sad with the decision yesterday by Judge Sessions in Vermont on the possibility of state fuel economy rules that would, in effect, supplant federal legislation.

AddWelcome the new, kinder, gentler Auto Alliance - and their ads

How could we possibly forget the last round of print and radio advertising that the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers let out of the bag? Sure, you remember those, don't you? They basically said that if the Senate were to pass new CAFE standards, you would not be able to afford a pickup truck anymore, or purchase a safe minivan to haul your family in. Those ads apparently did not go over well. One could argue that with gas prices so high, they were rather ill-timed. So, the Alliance has decid

AddAuto Alliance declares this to be "National Alternative Fuel Autos Week"

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is a trade association made up of BMW Group, DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, Porsche, Toyota and Volkswagen. If you take all the alternative fuel autos made by these companies (those autos defined by the Alliance as "hybrid electric, ethanol-capable E-85, and clean diesel"), you'll reach a total of more than 10.5 million.

AddSales and sales targets of alternative-fuel vehicles on the rise

The fact that the sales of hybrids, diesels and other alternative-fuel vehicles are increasing shouldn't be news to readers of AutoblogGreen. However, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers have offered some real numbers in a recent press release. According to figures reported by R.L. Polk & Co., there are now 9 million alternative-fuel automobiles in the U.S. The Alliances states that auto manufacturers are well on their way of reaching their goal of selling 1 million alternative-fuel car

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