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    910 HP 9ff-tuned Porsche Turbo cabrio

    We still remember being extremely excited about the 200 HP, 2.5L V6 in the SVT Contour, so every time the think of FWD family sedans approaching 300 HP, we shake our heads in amazement. And if an Altima can have 275hp, then what the heck do automakers do with exotic sports cars? Easy, crank up the ...

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    9ff tackles extreme efficiency with 3-liter Golf

    Over the past several years, 9ff has established itself as one of the predominant Porsche tuners in the world. With hundreds of happy customers and a handful of uber-exotic one-offs under its belt, the company's boss, Jan Fatthauer, has decided to tackle yet another engineering feat -– fuel ...

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    9ff GT9 could unseat Veyron with 254 mph top speed

    EVO Magazine just released info (and pics) about that very special project from German Porsche tuner, 9ff. If 9ff sounds familiar, you may remember it as the company that has set a couple of street legal records with highly modified 911s. It appears they have given up on the 911's rear-engine ...

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    9ff Porsche 911 is the world's fastest droptop

    Last month at Nardo, German car mag Auto Bild and tire manufacturer Continental sponsored a high-speed showdown, during which big-time tuners from all over -- Sportec, Brabus, 9ff, and TechArt just to name a few -- descended upon the circular track in Italy to see what they could wring out of their ...

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    9ff Carrera GT tuning program good for 900+ HP

    Clearly, there are some drivers for whom the Porsche Carrera GT's stock 605 horsepower is merely adequate. These are the people that supertuner 9ff is targeting with its new program for the über-Porsche.You can start off easy, with 9ff's new front bumper and spoiler. The lightweight carbon ...

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    9ff brings the pain with the new 911 Turbo

    9ff, who has jumped into the super tuner wars with some of the fastest Porsches ever made, is now working their mojo on the new 997 Turbo. After bursting onto the scene with their 996 GT2 (that briefly claimed the world's fastest car title before Koenigsegg and then Bugatti upped the ante), has ...

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    Porsche Cayman S gets the tuner treatment

    Dortmund-based German Porsche specialists 9ff Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH have unveiled a new addition to their Cayman lineup - the Cayman S CR-42.The CR-42 builds on the company's aero and chassis kits for the Cayman S, adding a 4.1-liter engine putting out 420 hp and 321 foot-pounds of torque. The ...


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