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    Rinspeed releases 997 Turbo-based Le Mans 600

    click above image for more pics of the Rinspeed Le Mans 600 As the gap between rich and poor becomes more pronounced, so does the gulf between the fastest and not-so-fastest cars. The latest entrant in the go faster stakes is Rinspeed, which has done a number on the 997 Turbo. Called the LeMans ...

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    Spy Shots: Porsche 911 GT2 running the 'Ring

    By many accounts, the new GT3 is the greatest 911 ever. Insane levels of grip, coupled with prodigious power delivery and styling that only a purist could love, it might seem unnecessary to mess with perfection. Porsche disagrees. Again.Originally caught testing last October, the 997 GT2 has made ...

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    Spy Photos: Porsche 911 again

    It hasn't been very long since we last brought you some spy shots of the freshened 911, but when another pic popped up, we felt we had to share. After all, this is our favorite rear-engined sports car. Returning even closer to its roots, the two-beam round headlamps and larger air inlets look very ...

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    Super seeing speculation! Porsche developing night vision system?

    The Deutsch-obsessed purveyors of the German Car Scene got a tip that Porsche is in the process of developing a night vision system, ala the Merc S-class, that will likely debut when the 997 undergoes a facelift sometime in 2007.The picture above is what fueled the speculation, with what's assumed ...

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    997 goes through the Ruf

    To Porschephiles and gamers worldwide, RUF is well known for its amazing transformation of the 911 into something very special. The release of the 2006 RGT takes an already excellent car and transforms it into perhaps one of the best dual-purpose street/track vehicles in the world. Follow the jump ...

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    VIDEO: Six Days with the Porsche GT3

    To say that I was smitten after seeing the 997 variant of the GT3 in person yesterday is a bit of an understatement. It's pure functionality as only Porsche can deliver. So when you put two of my favorite things together - the GT3 and DJ Shadow - I've got to share. The soundtrack accompanying the ...

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    VIDEO: Porsche GT3 at Spa

    So we'll go from the mildly ridiculous to the absolutely sublime. The Panda Sport, with its whopping 100 HP, is certainly a compact runabout we'd like to see Stateside, but watching it spend time on the tarmac is akin to a dachshund running around a greyhound track. As if the Porsche 911 GT3 RS ...

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    Porsche 997 gets a subtle nip and tuck

    In keeping with Porsche's long-held tradition of incremental evolution, pictures surfaced yesterday of a mildly tweaked 997 making its way around the Nurburgring.The exterior changes are expectedly subtle, with the front fascia getting larger air intakes, ala the new 911 Turbo, and a mildly ...

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    GEMBALLA Turbo GT 550 turns 911 Turbo into terror

    What will it take to get those enthusiast juices flowing again once you become bored with the daily chore of driving your stock Porsche 911 Turbo? The GEMBALLA Turbo GT 550 could be the four-cups-of-coffee-before-breakfast jolt you're looking for. If "discretion" is in your vocabulary, don't look ...

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    Spy Shots: Porsche 911 GT2 Type 997

    Although we brought you some information about this car just a couple of months ago, World Car Fans has captured a few more pics of the new 997 GT2 lapping the 'ring and we felt like we had to share. After all, it's probably going to be the first 911 production car capable of 200 mph, so we don't ...

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    Zurich-a! Rinspeed Indy 4S

    Click to enlargeSubtle.Subtle always works. At Rinspeed, sometimes subtle simply isn't in the vocabulary. Other times, however, you'd think it's the only language spoken. This schizophrenic nature is what makes the company what it is. They're at home no matter what they're doing, whether it's ...

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    9ff brings the pain with the new 911 Turbo

    9ff, who has jumped into the super tuner wars with some of the fastest Porsches ever made, is now working their mojo on the new 997 Turbo. After bursting onto the scene with their 996 GT2 (that briefly claimed the world's fastest car title before Koenigsegg and then Bugatti upped the ante), has ...

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    Spy Shots: Porsche 997 GT2

    Up until now, a variety of sources have said this car doesn't exist. However, World Car Fans have procured a half-dozen shots of the 997 GT2 in action and after looking at the photos and reading the specs, we can't imagine a reason not to bring this newest 911 to market. Changes, much like all of ...

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    Porsche launches Skydriving minisite for Targa

    How do the guys and gals from Stuttgart promote the newest version of their open air 911? Launch a minisite called Skydriving that promotes the joys of panoramic scenery. Although the Targa is arguably the slowest selling vehicle in Porsche's ever expanding lineup, the new 997 offers the motoring ...

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    Return of the Slant Nose Porsche

    A while back we showed you how a Porsche 996 owner could fast forward time and transform his car's "fried egss" headlamps into the proper ovals found on the new 997 models. Auto-expert of Germany has now stepped up to show 996 owners how to rewind time back to an era when the pages of Dupont ...

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    Hamann-ah Hamann-ah! -- Tuner offers Porsche upgrade from 996 to 997

    Got yourself a Porsche Carrera, GT2, GT3, Carrera 4S or Turbo from 1997-2004? Those were the years of the 996, which marked a change from air-cooled to water-cooled. It was also the point at which Porsche essentially canned the round headlights and flared fenders. By all accounts, the 996 was an ...


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