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    First Alfa Romeo to hit U.S. will be 8c Competizione!

    Apparently Alfa Romeo plans to make a splash in the upscale end of the U.S. market before introducing its mainstream models to the U.S. As Alfa Romeo's plans to return to the U.S. become more defined, AutoWeek reported Monday that the delectable 8c Competizione coupe will debut in U.S. Maserati ...

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    Alfa Romeo to delay U.S. return to 2010?

    The well-regarded Italian magazine Quattroruote published a good news/bad news story Tuesday. In a story about the difficulty Alfa Romeo will face in (re)establishing itself in the competitive American market, the magazine confirms the brand will be seen in the U.S., but adds the caveat "even if ...

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    Alfa Romeo returning to the U.S.!

    After an absence of more than a decade, Fiat's Alfa Romeo brand is returning to the U.S. market. In a conference call May 3rd, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed that he has plans in place to begin distributing Alfa Romeo models in the U.S. through  Maserati's dealer network, possibly as ...

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    Alfa Romeo 8C ready for production?

    Italiaspeed reported Wednesday that Alfa Romeo's 8C Competizione concept is being readied for production. The concept car (shown above) debuted in Frankfurt in 2003, and rumors of its possible production have run rampant ever since, and the latest tantalizing hint of 8C activity at Alfa Romeo is ...

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    Spectacular Alfa Romeo 8c not headed for production after all?

    Alfa Romeo's spectacular 8c Competizione may not make it into showrooms after all. This, according to website Fastdrive, which says that the decision was reached by Ferrari bigwig Luca di Montezemolo out of concern that the sexy coupe cannibalize would sales from Maserati's 4200GT. As a ...

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    Alfa Romeo to put 8C Competizione into production!

    When you're hot, you're hot. Resurgent Italian automaker Alfa Romeo has earmarked  the fabulous Alfa 8C Competizione concept car that debuted at the 2003 Frankfurt show for production.Showing that he's a genuine car guy, new Alfa CEO Antonio Barravalle says, "We have cut the budget for ...


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