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85 mph

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    Video: Texans go hog wild on first night of 85-mph tollway, four accidents reported [w/video]

    The new 85-mile-per-hour toll road in Texas wasn't open a single day before it recorded its first accidents. Four accidents, to be exact, all caused by the same thing: wild hogs crossing the roadway. Though no serious injuries were reported, one of the vehicles was totaled. The area through ...

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    Report: Texas' 85-MPH toll road opens weeks ahead of schedule

    While it takes some municipalities months just to fix a pot hole, apparently all you need is a little revenue stream to get road construction done at a rabbit's pace. After years of work, the final portion of the Texas State Highway 130 toll road has been opened today weeks ahead of schedule. The ...

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    Report: Texas toll road to get 85 mph speed limit?

    Oh, Montana, how we miss your speed-limitless ways of the mid-1990s. We were carefree and young then, driving a 10-year-old Chevrolet that in no way, shape, or form was designed to travel at its top speed for hours on end. But that didn't stop us, we the "reasonable and prudent," and neither did ...

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    Texas House approves nation's fastest speed limit at 85 mph

    They say everything is bigger in Texas, and now it seems everything might be faster too. The House of Representatives in Texas has approved a new transportation bill, and it includes legislation that would allow the Texas Department of Transportation to raise speed limits to 85 miles per hour. ...


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