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    Go your Own Way: Ultima GTR beats Top Gear lap record by 4Ĺ seconds

    Ultima, one of several dozen independent British sportscar companies and makers of the GTR, could only take so much rejection. The cottage automaker claims it offered its road-legal race-car to the producers at BBC's hit TV show Top Gear several times, only to be repeatedly refused. So Ultima took ...

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    Ultima intros Euro emissions compliant 800-hp package

    Ultima Sports has created an 800 HP engine for its GTR and Can-Am rides that is emissions-friendly around the world. It will even pass the rather stringent Euro IV standards that have put paid to many a supercar's attempts to cross the pond. Ultima's efforts start with Chevy's LS7 lump from the ...

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    That's a lot of Zoom-Zoom: Mazda builds 800,000th MX-5

    The Mazda MX-5 Miata has won a lot of fans since the introduction of the original in 1989. A lot of fans, and a lot of buyers – 800,000 buyers, to be precise, as Mazda announced that production milestone after seventeen years on the market. Mazda found it had a winning formula with the ...


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