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    Spy Shots: Twin-turbo V8 BMW 7-series at the 'Ring

    During a recent Bimmer-hunting expedition at the Nurburgring, ace photog Hans Lehmann was able to procure a shot of the engine bay of a development mule for the 2010 BMW 7-series. When inspecting the layout, he noticed two intercoolers, and the best guess now is that the V8 fitted to the new ...

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    Spy Shots: 2009 BMW 7-series

    Although the BMW 7-series has undergone some mild styling tweaks over the past few years, it seems that more is on the way, all in an effort to tighten the reigns of the mangled Bangled versions that caused drivers to bleed from their eyes.Although some hope that the Concept CS will influence ...

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    New BMW 7-series will come with 8-speed transmission

    When BMW released the redesigned 7-series back in 2001, they were the first to offer a six-speed automatic transmission. Two years later, Mercedes upped the ante by throwing an additional cog into the mix, equipping their new S-class with a seven-speed auto. Now that Lexus is offering an ...

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    BMW finally bringing Alpina B7 to Chicago

    click above image for a high-resolution gallery of imagesBetter late than never, we always say. The BMW Alpina B7 was actually announced in a press release dated 2/16/2006, but it's taken a while to get the car ready for prime time. We reported on it back then, but we've learned that the super ...

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    New details on the next generation BMW 7-Series

    Car Magazine has posted a few close-up spy shots of the next 7-Series and also provides more details on what to expect in Munich's new flagship with some interesting tidbits that appear sourced from right inside BMW. For BMW fans, the new 7-Series is also the start of a new set of chassis ...

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    6 + 7 = smitten: BMW 7-Series goes under the knife

    We just showed you spy shots of a heavily disguised 7-series a couple of weeks ago, but here is an artist's interpretation of the new 7 in the raw. With an oh-so-sexy 6-series nose grafted to the formidable sedan, it makes quite an impression. Losing some of the flame-surfacing that Chris Bangle ...

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    Rolls Royce announces new model from Paris

    Rolls-Royce (literally the "Rolls-Royce" of automobiles) revealed in Paris that they've started working on their long-awaited "baby Rolls-Royce", which it projects will be ready within four years from now. Saying "baby Rolls-Royce" is relative when it'll still cost as much as a small house, but ...

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    BMW introduces the Hydrogen 7

    The race is on to build an uncompromised example of sustainable mobility, and BMW has thrown its hat into the ring with the new Hydrogen 7 set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Based on the BMW 7-Series, the Hydrogen 7 features a dual-mode drive that allows its 12-cylinder engine ...

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    SPY SHOTS: Hydrogen powered BMW 7-Series spied

    We've known for a while that BMW planned on outfitting its luxo-barge with a hydrogen fuel cell, but what we didn't expect was that it was already getting some drive time.Some clever photogs under the employ of AutoExpress took a few shots of a 7-Series undergoing testing and through their keen ...

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    A BMW that pays your parking

    There are Bimmers that self-park, provide backseat passengers hands-free cellphone service, and, in the future, may be polish-free. But a Bimmer that pays your parking space? That's what the Munich Technical University Applied Informatics/Cooperative Systems and BMW Group Research and Technology ...

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    BMW recalls in China

    Here's something you don't hear everyday... BMW Group announced that it is recalling 2,662 vehicles in China due to possible problems with the rear shock absorbers. The recall, which affects some 5-, 6- and 7-series vehicles in China built between January and April of this year, consists of 2,131 ...

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    BMW to go hands-free in the back seat

    With Bluetooth hands-free phoning trickling all the way down to the options lists of  inexpensive motors like the Nissan Versa, high-end car manufacturers are searching for new points of differentiation in the telephony wars. BMW has taken the battle to the back seat, as rear seat ...

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    Bevy of future BMW renderings, including Z8 successor

    German car mag Autobild has just placed its bet on what BMW's future lineup will look like by the end of the decade. Leading off will be a new large hardtop convertible, a successor to the Z8 if you will. While Autobild's rendering is mostly speculation, it clearly identifies the car as a meaty ...

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    Audi readying A8 to do battle with BMW and Porsche

    The Car Connection's deep pockets have again paid for a couple good spy shots, this time of the next generation Audi A8 due out at the end of 2009. Reportedly three inches longer than the current A8, the next gen model will feature V12 diesel and V10 gas powerplants. The next A8 needs to be at the ...

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    BMW to launch a gasoline/hydrogen 7-Series next year

    According to Automotive News, BMW will launch a hydrogen-fueled 7-Series next year. The limited production vehicle will be the latest hydrogen effort by the German automaker, which has been experimenting with hydrogen power since the late '70s. Unlike other automakers focusing on hydrogen fuel ...


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