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In the wake of the devastating earthquakes that rocked northern Italy in late May, Ferrari announced an auction to raise money towards relief efforts. That online auction is now in the books, with benefactors giving generously to help the afflicted victims while netting some prize-worthy collectibles.


Italy is unfortunately no stranger to earthquakes, thus neither is the exotic automaker and racing team whose logo bears the country's flag. When disaster struck in Abruzzo, Ferrari launched a special-edition F430 to raise funds for its relief, and has been contributing to rebuilding the stricken region ever since. When the tsunami hit in Japan, Ferrari contributed millions to its aid. Now another earthquake has hit Italy – in the same part of the country that hosts Ferrari's headquarters


Ferrari is an automaker the operates in two spheres: racing and road cars. The company builds the latter to fund the former, but while the two have long operated as fairly separate units, there is plenty of room for overlap. Like its Corse Clienti department.


An outfit like Ferrari keeps a tight product portfolio. Four model lines in all, when it comes down to production models. Even with the various derivatives that follow, that still doesn't amount to a large number of new debuts from year to year. But as a racing team first and an automaker second, it rolls out a new vehicle at least once a year. What falls between, then, bridges the gap.


Ferrari 458 Challenge makes its world debut at the Bologna Motor Show – Click above for high-res image gallery


Ferrari 599XX laps the Nurburgring – Click above to watch video after the jump


Ferrari 599XXs in the garages at Miller Motorsports Park - Click above for high-res image gallery


What do you get when you start with a 599 GTB Fiorano, lose 430 pounds, add 49 horsepower and import street-legal tech from the track-only 599XX? The sum of those many marvelous parts is the 599 GTO, the fastest road-going Ferrari in the automaker's legendary history.


Ferrari 599 GTO – Click above for high-res image gallery


Click above to view the video after the jump


Ferrari 599XX at Valencia - Click above for high-res image gallery


Ferrari 599XX - click above for hi-res image gallery


Ferrari 599XX – Click above for a high-res image gallery


Click above for a high-res gallery of the Ferrari 599XX


Click above for gallery of the Ferrari 599XX

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