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50th anniversary

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    Featured: Driving 50 years of Porsche 911 history

    Raiding The Porsche Museum For A Fun Track Day It seems everyone is celebrating anniversaries this year: it's Aston's hundredth, Lamborghini's fiftieth, Ford Mustang's fiftieth, Chevy Corvette's sixtieth – and Tesla just turned ten or something. It's been a little out of hand, frankly, all ...

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    Monterey: Lamborghini unveils 50th anniversary Aventador Roadster and Gallardo

    Though hardly moving into Porsche levels of 50th Anniversary celebrations, Lamborghini is taking its own golden jubilee pretty seriously. The Italian company treated the world to a 50 Anniversario version of the Aventador LP720-4 earlier this year in Shanghai. At this year's swanky show at The ...

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    ETC: Ford unveils Mustang 50th anniversary logo, plans merchandise

    The Ford Mustang turns 50 years old this year, and this is the logo that will announce the milestone occasion on a special line of merchandise. The graphic is the result of an internal design competition, and Ford will give 50 different companies the license to use it on traditional logo ...

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    Official: McLaren gears up to celebrate 50 years of performance

    It was back in 1963 that 26-year-old Bruce McLaren founded Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd. in London with no more than a handful of dedicated employees. Today, nearly fifty years later, the McLaren Group employs more than 2,000 and is credited with developing, manufacturing and racing some of the ...

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    Happy 50th Birthday, El Camino!

    1959 Chevy El Camino
    Yesterday was a milestone that won't be celebrated with a special edition, or a new fender badge, or some stripe package. Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of the Chevy El Camino. As Hemmings points out in its post acknowledging the milestone, the El Camino was preceded by ...

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    Toyota celebrates 50 years of U.S. sales

    click the pic above to see a gallery of 50 shots of past ToyotasWhen Toyota's Toyopet Crown arrived in the United States in 1957, it was met with snickers from Detroit. General Motors was king, and Ford and Chrysler weren't in the dire straights they face today. Fifty years later, nobody's ...

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    Bring the Toys II: Tomica Skyline 50th Anniversary die-casts

    Click image to enlargeAs Japan celebrates 50 years of the Nissan Skyline, Tomica, known for its Matchbox-style die-cast cars has released six new commemorative toy cars. Arriving in their signature cardboard boxes (just like matchboxes used to), these cars' packaging will feature the Skyline 50th ...

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    Happy 50th Birthday Caterham: X330 Concept

    Click image for galleryNone of us at Autoblog HQ are knocking on the half-century mark yet, but we can only hope that we're saluted in the same way that Caterham decided to celebrate its 50th anniversary.The X330 Concept is exactly that, but it foretells the destiny of future Caterhams. A ...

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    Skyline turning 50, Nissan to celebrate in Tokyo

    1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMOOn April 24, 2007, the Nissan Skyline turns 50 years old, and Nssan is going to celebrate. For starters, there's already a JDM 50th Anniversary version of the current Skyline (Infiniti G35) on sale in three distinct color combos. In addition to that, however, the ...


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