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    Can You Hear Me Now? China reportedly developing 3G-based 'smart' car

    Chana Auto, otherwise known as Changan (that's their Benni Sports pictured), has entered into an alliance with China Mobile "to develop a smart vehicle based on 3G wireless technologies." In actuality, however, it sounds like it's not the vehicle that will be smart, but what you can do with ...

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    TomTom iPhone app officially costs a Benjamin [w/VIDEO]

    TomTom iPhone navigation application – Click above for video
    With the unveiling of Apple's latest iPhone, the 3GS, the gates were finally thrown open for third-party navigation software companies to develop navigation apps for the world's most popular smart phone. A TomTom app was announced ...

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    VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz myCOMAND concept brings internet safely into cars

    Mercedes Benz myCOMAND interface German automakers have gotten plenty of flack for their less than intuitive Navigation/Infotainment systems, but Mercedes Benz is working hard to change that with its myCOMAND concept. The myCOMAND system uses high-speed wireless Internet with upload and download ...

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    Dynolicious turns iPhone into cheap performance meter

    The world has gone iPhone crazy since Apple released v2.0 of its sleek mobile device, and while GPS and 3G have been big draws, the multitude of available software apps in the new App Store has been the real wild card. One app that has us really psyched is a new automotive performance meter called ...

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    Should've bought a Garmin? Testing the iPhone 3G's GPS capabilities

    var digg_url = ''; Yes, we were among the suckers who endured the idiotic lines, activation woes and intermittent service that you've undoubtedly read about after the iPhone 3G's launch this past Friday. But our reason ...


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