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    Video: This is Lexus' trick 3D ad in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue

    Having driven its RC F into the party at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Lexus is making the most of the exposure. We recently saw the blue coupe showing off its L-Finesse curves with a curvaceous Lisalla Montenegro. And a new video shows how the magazine ad will also work without a ...

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    ETC: Man 3D-printing his own replica Aston Martin DB4

    Three-dimensional printing is being touted as the Next Big Thing, although at present the products have been on the smaller end. An ambitious man in New Zealand isn't letting that stop him, though. Engadget came up with the original story, and the subject is something we can totally get behind: a ...

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    ETC: LaFerrari 3D model adds depth to Maranello's new supercar

    At its recent Geneva Motor Show unveiling, we couldn't help but spend a good long time gawking at the new LaFerrari supercar. It isn't just that it's the newest top-line Ferrari, or even that it picks up where the Enzo left off – it's just that there's so much to look at, from the ductwork ...

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    Video: Amazingly tiny 3D-printed cars have moving wheels, opening doors

    If you haven't taken a second lift your head and look around, we have news for you: we live in the future. This is a world where we can bark orders into a small handheld device and instantly get answers. One where we can sketch up a design on a computer, press print and a machine will carve it ...

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    Video: Lexus transforms Roosevelt Hotel into 3D billboard

    Not every 3D project requires cumbersome glasses and a $20 IMAX ticket. Hot Wheels showed us an innovative way to advertise its product using a large projector and some imagination. Now, Lexus is using the same style to tout its CT 200h, and it's using a Los Angeles landmark to play background ...

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    MasterImage working on 3D screens for cars

    With 3D technology slowly making its way into homes and onto portable game consoles, it was just a matter of time before the tech filtered its way into cars. MasterImage, one of the companies that has pioneered glasses-free 3D screens, is reportedly on the verge of signing a deal with a handful ...

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    Videos: New Mini commercials crank up the weirdness

    Mini vs Monster Teaser – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Brace yourselves, friends. Things are about to get a little strange. Mini has set about creating a 3D film titled Mini vs. Monster about, well... we don't know what it's about. We assume there's probably a Mini in there ...

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    Video: Buick getting into the cloning business?

    Virtual Buick tests world's toughest roads – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Attack of the clones? Attack of the cloned roads is more apt, as the technical minds at Buick have developed a 3D road-scanning device to simulate some of the world's roughest roads. The scanner takes ...

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    Formula Drift going 3D on DirecTV

    2009 Formula Drift Championship Round - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Are you a fan of tire-smoking, sideways automotive action? If so, the best way to get your fix is to head to a Formula Drift event and experience it in person. Can't do that? The next best thing is coming to your ...

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    Vancouver using 3D optical illusion to scare motorists into safer driving?

    Safety organizations and the District of West Vancouver, Canada are joining forces to build awareness about careful driving during the start of the school year. Thanks the work of the BCAA Traffic Safety Association, drivers motoring down 22nd Street in West Vancouver will be met with a 3D image of ...

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    World's fastest 3D film showcases SLS AMG

    2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG – Click above to watch video after the jump
    We finally know what Mercedes-Benz was up to when Tiff Needel stopped by the Isle of Man to drop in on some sort of high-budget commercial shoot. It turns out that the Silver Arrow wanted to nab the title of the world's ...

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    Comin' at ya: Opel launches first Meriva ad in 3D

    2011 Opel Meriva 3D commercial – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Opel wants to put its new Meriva crossover in your face, three-dimensional like. The first commercial for the people-and-baby carrier with the coach rear doors comes with enhanced stereoscopic vision, and there are ...

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    In-car navigation systems set to go 3D?

    Navigation systems have quickly gone from being an interactive way to direct one from Point A to Point B to massive infotainment centerpieces capable of MP3 player integration, web browsing and wifi. Auto Express is reporting that GPS units could go 3D as soon as next year, because advancements in ...

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    Kubica's Kanadian Krash -- Now in 3-D

    Spectators, commentators and fans all feared the worst when BMW Sauber's star driver Robert Kubica hit the wall at the end of the hairpin at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on St. Helen's Island in Montreal during this year's Canadian Grand Prix. But as we all know, the Polish driver suffered only a ...

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    3-D Technology to watch for car safety

    Tyzx, Inc., an electronics firm specializing in developing affordable hardware, software, and integrated systems that view the world in all of its glorious three dimensions, will now be applying its 3-D technology to automotive safety. Auto safety manufacturer Takata has decided to invest the ...


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