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3d printer

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    Video: Porsche wants you to 3D print your own Cayman

    Have you got access to a 3D printer? Well lucky you, because as we're rapidly learning, the possibilities are virtually endless. And if your tastes lean towards the automotive (as we'd assume they do if you're reading this page), we've got good news. Porsche has just released 3D printing data ...

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    Video: Ford engineer builds haptic shift knob with 3D printer, Xbox controller

    Vehicles with manual transmissions have been equipped with shift indicators (illuminated or audible) for decades. While some are used to improve performance, most are designed to encourage more fuel-efficient driving. Regardless of the original objective, nearly all drivers become desensitized or ...

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    Video: Ford engineers going geek, using MakerBot 3D printers for prototype testing

    In an attempt to build future vehicles or improve upon current models, many automakers have turned to 3D printers to create and test new prototype parts. Considering how important new cars are, you'd think automakers would spare no expense when acquiring such tools, but Ford is proving that 3D ...

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    Auctions: Aston Martin DB5 stunt doubles in Skyfall created by 3D printers

    This is a spoiler alert: stop reading now if you haven't seen Skyfall and don't want to know anything about it. There are five major stars in Skyfall, only four of them human. The fifth is the Aston Martin DB5 that makes a return to the series as a gadget car for the first time since ...

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    Video: Amazingly tiny 3D-printed cars have moving wheels, opening doors

    If you haven't taken a second lift your head and look around, we have news for you: we live in the future. This is a world where we can bark orders into a small handheld device and instantly get answers. One where we can sketch up a design on a computer, press print and a machine will carve it ...


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