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360 modena

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    Video: Porsche Cayman causes three-car pileup in parade of exotics

    The third round of the Autobacs Super GT series wrapped up last weekend at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, and while the race was plenty entertaining, the on-track action got started long before the green flag waved. Event organizers got bunch of exotic cars together for a special ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2011: Rick Hendrick's 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena F1 Spider *Update: w/video

    Rick Hendrick's 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena F1 Spider – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Are you playing Speed's Online Fantasy Bid Game? If not, this is the perfect chance to start, as it's just about to hit the auction block – Bid away, you could end up winning a prize, such as ...

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    Mess with the Ferarri and we'll take our prancing horse back

    You may remember a post we did a year ago about some yuk that chopped a gorgeous 360 Modena to turn the once-beautiful supercar into a 166 mph limo. Ferrari hasn't forgotten what Dan Cawley, of Cheadle, Manchester did to its black beauty, and the Italian supercar maker is suing the Brit for ...

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    Hide the Enzo! Brit teens steal, wreck 360 Modena

    Last week in the UK, a pair of ambitious teens apparently decided that for their joyriding exploits, they'd boost something really special. A short time later they had relieved a Highgate Village residence of one silver Ferrari 360 Modena. The Ferrari was reported stolen and the underaged GTA ...


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