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    Spy Photos: Mystery car following 350Z mule?

    Several photos have popped up in the last week of a Nissan 350Z –based mule that has been circulating on public roads. The prototype is clearly based on the existing car but with a shortened greenhouse. World Car Fans has a bunch more photos of this car today, but in the first photo the mule ...

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    Rendered speculation: 2009 Nissan 370Z

    The Channel that's all about Grand Touring (or something), posted a rendering that could foretell the future styling direction Nissan may take with the next Z car. With the current "Zed" getting a bit long in the tooth after five years of diligent service, and the recent speculation surrounding the ...

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    Spy Shots: Nissan's affordable RWD sports car

    Last week we told you about Nissan's plan to revise the 350Z and add a new, smaller RWD sports coupe to its lineup. All of a sudden, pics of that smaller sports coupe have appeared today on the interweb. Winding Road has a few clear shots of an oddly shaped 350Z-based mule tagging along behind a ...

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    Bring back the 240! Nissan developing new sports coupe, redesigned 350Z

    For some time now, Nissan has been lacking in the entry-level sports car segment both here and abroad. The 350Z and Skyline/G35 have proven successful, but only to those able to afford the cost of entry, and although the upcoming GTR will redefine the iconic marque, its price tag will put it out of ...

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    It's not 'Z,' it's 'Zed': Zedfest at Silverstone

    Click the image above for a high res gallery.This past Sunday, 167 Nissans and Datsuns decended upon the Silverstone racetrack in Northamptonshire, England to create the largest parade of Japanese vehicles ever seen on the circuit. Sponsored by the Nissan Z club, which was established three decades ...

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    Rumor Mill: New Supra details emerge

    UPDATE: Ed Hellwig from the Straighline Blog totally above image for high-res gallery of Toyota's FT-HS ConceptToyota's next-generation Supra is veiled in mystery, but we tend to take seriously any news coming from Winding Road's Peter Nunn because, well, he actually lives in Japan ...

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    Hardcore gamer selling enormous collection to snare a Nismo 350Z down payment

    When you are called to some difficult duty by family or love or ambition, you take the bitter pill and do what needs to be done. When the red Nismo 350Z above called to Jesse Edgar, he knew what he had to do: unload the immense video game, console, and accessory collection covering every surface ...

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    NISMO 350Z to bow in New York

    When Nissan unveiled the Fairlady Z Version NISMO (their description, not ours) along with the updated version of the iconic Z, we didn't have much hope that we'd ever see the motorsports-massaged version here in the States. Well, it would seem that the folks over at Edmunds have it on good ...

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    Enhanced Driving Pleasure: Japan gets new Fairlady Z

    Click image for our 35-shot high-resolution photo galleryEven though it quietly appeared without fanfare at December's Los Angeles Auto Show, the revised Nissan Z car is finally making its official Japanese debut. The Fairlady Z, as it's called in its home market, receives a restyled hood with a ...

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    Nissan quietly drops new VQ in 350Z

    Click image to enlargeWhile everyone was lining up in orderly rows to watch the official unveiling of the Sentra SE-R and Altima coupe at Nissan's LA press conference, we snapped a few pics of a pre-production model of the 2007 350Z.Although the exterior has gotten a few subtle tweaks that only ...

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    How will Nissan update the aging Z-car?

    With Nissan's 350Z beginning to get a little long in the tooth when it comes to looks, Edmunds' Inside Line has some insider speculation about what the redesigned Z will look like in 2009. The above image is part of a short video clip that Edmunds put together to illustrate what changes will likely ...

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    Nissan 350Z GT-S is coming (to the UK)!

    When a few rogue Nissan engineers in Britain decided to mount a supercharger onto the 350Z and debut it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, we knew it was trick, but we also assumed it would never find its way to production. We stand corrected.AutoExpress' sources inside Nissan have confirmed that ...

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    Nissan forgets to take out trash and fuels speculation

    In its haste to leave Southern California, Nissan apparently forgot to check with the local salvage yard and make sure its spent prototypes were destroyed while it was moving its operations to Tennessee. Unfortunately for Nissan, some anonymous Nissan Performance Mag staffers found a banged up 2007 ...

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    Tuner Tuesdays: Japanese tuners craft baby Aston Martin

    Japanese car mod specialists DAMD and ANCEL have teamed up to produce this "BLACK x METAL" version of the Nissan 350Z roadster. We don't have a lot of details on this Aston Martin lookalike, but a picture's worth a thousand words, as they say. DAMD wheels, Lambo doors and a hand-stitched leather ...

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    First Drive: Nissan 350Z GT-S Concept and its flickable supercharger

    The Nissan 350Z GT-S is a labor of love for seven engineers at Nissan's European technical facility who built the one-off in their own time. Their only restraint was to keep the Z usable, but beyond that the team went hog wild in crafting a concept that held its own running up the hill at the 2006 ...

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    Arizona firm dangles 350Z keys as employee incentive

    Infusion Software sounds like our kind of company. The Gilbert, AZ based technology/consulting firm sure knows how to get its people motivated. You see, the Employee of the Month gets use of the company car for -- what else -- a month. Now, most of the time, "company car" usually means something ...

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    Nissan UK shows off the 350Z GT-S concept

    A group of frisky engineers at the Nissan Technical Centre Europe have been keeping busy with a special weekend project the last year or so. The results of their labors will be on full display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the form of the Nissan 350Z GT-S Concept. Visitors to the festival ...

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    AutoCar heaps praise upon new Audi TT driving experience

    AutoCar has driven the new Audi TT, and proclaimed it to be a genuine Porsche Cayman S rival. With a combination of sharpened responses, reduced weight, improved power and the availability of the improved S-Tronic dual-clutch gearbox, the magazine indicates that the four-ringed fashion statement ...

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    Nissan to debut high-powered Murano and 350Z concepts

    Performance is the name of the game at the U.K.'s midsummer speedfest - the aptly named Goodwood Festival of Speed - and Nissan is showing up with power to spare. The company not only plans to demo the 2004 Japanese SuperGT championship-winning 350Z (shown above) on Lord March's driveway, but also ...


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