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165BMW adds new entry-level 320i model, priced from $33,445*

Fans of the new BMW 3 Series here in the US have likely been waiting for one of two models to arrive: the new M3 or the diesel-powered 335d. Well... keep waiting just a little bit longer. Here at the Detroit Auto Show, BMW is showing off the new entry-level 320i that will join the 3 Series lineup this spring, and rather than bringing added performance or efficiency, this car is boasting affordability above all. The 320i has been on sale in other markets since the current-generation 3 Series was

49New Zealand dealership honors $1 Buy-it-Now price

You've probably heard of more than a few eBay or Craigslist specials that sound too good to be true; "Buy it for just $1- today only!" More often than not, its a ruse, luring you in for a far less inciting, yet more realistic transaction. If you are Stadium Cars, you wish it were the latter, but a mistake on its part led to a BMW being sold for just $1. An employee at Stadium Cars in New Zealand listed a 1994 320i online for auction. The reserve, and thus the "Buy it Now" price? Just $1. At th

402009 BMW 3 Series unveiled

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6Hamann does up the 3-series 'vert, massages engines across the board

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7BMW Art Cars begin international tour

1976 BMW 3.0 CSL by Frank Stella

1eBay pulls auction for Columbine killer's BMW

Internet auction site eBay has unleashed their taste police on a so-called 'murderabilia' auction featuring the 1982 BMW 320i owned by Dylan Klebold, one of the Columbine High School killers. The car had been confiscated after a bomb squad located two 20-lb. tanks of propane along with seven pipe bombs after the massacre. Klebold's parents retained possession of the Bimmer after police held it for one year.

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