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    Geneva: Qoros brand debuts, hits the ground running with 3 Sedan

    Traditionally, it takes a decade or more for a new car to find its footing, but China's Qoros is doing its damnedest to run before it walks. Founded in 2007, Qoros is a joint-venture between Chery and Israel Corporation, a company best-known in automotive circles for helping to fund Better ...

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    Motor Trend crowns new compact sedan king in eight-way comparo [w/poll]

    With a raft of newly redesigned compact sedans hitting the streets this year, Motor Trend decided it was high time to crown a new king among the diminutive four-door masses. The editors gathered eight of the most popular models in the segment and pitted them against each other, battle royale ...

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    Cash for Clunkers lives on: Senate passes $2B refill of popular program

    Cash for Clunkers lives on. The Senate passed a $2 billion extension late tonight with a vote of 60/37, giving customers the opportunity to purchase about 500,000 more vehicles through the program. The Obama administration estimates that most or all of the original $1 billion was spent in a ...

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    Dallara unveils new Formula 3 chassis

    Click above to view in high-resolution Formula 3, for any racing fans who don't watch the feeder-formulas like football fans watch college pigskin, is one of the most important lower formulas in international motorsports. While NASCAR may have its own hierarchy, the vast majority of racing's most ...

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    Ariel releasing Atom 3, more face-morphing potential

    Ariel Motor Company is releasing the third iteration of its mind-blowing track-tool, the Atom 3. And even though it may be hard to discern the changes, with a vehicle this minimalist, they're bound to have an effect.The "exterior" gets new diagonal side rails and almost every body panel has been ...

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    3 Million screaming Nissan fans can't be wrong - Altima production hits milestone

    Fifteen years and three generations on, the three-millionth Nissan Altima has been birthed at the Smyrna Tennessee plant. The Altima is Nissan's current sales champ, with diverse trim-level and power unit options, efficiency nuts and performance enthusiasts can both find something to love in the ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW M3 Cabrio

    Those Bavarian wunderkind over at BMW just took the wraps off the latest 3-Series convertible, complete with folding hard-top. But even as impressive as the range-topping 335i is, what with its twin-turbo inline-six hitting the 300 mark in both horsepower and torque, there's yet more power ...

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    VIDEO: BMW 3-Series ad

    Women just can't resist a man in a 3-Series cabrio...or so BMW would have you believe. This ad is sure to put a smirk on your face, especially if you're a guy who drives a Bimmer, but not so much if you're his fiancé. The ad follows a groom on his way to the church fighting off ...


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