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3 series gran turismo

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    First Drive: 2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo [w/video]

    BMW Gets Much Closer To The GT Look And Feel It Seeks The 2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is being launched to a pretty cynical automotive press brigade. You know it. We know it. Heck, even BMW knows it. We've just returned from driving it on the rather unforgiving and sometimes nasty roads of ...

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    Geneva: BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo fills a void we didn't know existed [w/video]

    Despite its substantial functionality, the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo has been an utter sales flop here on our shores – so much so that the Germans have reportedly been rethinking the decision to not offer the 5 Series Touring in the States. So forgive us, then, for questioning the motives ...

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    Official: 2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo has arrived, don't call it a wagon

    Behold the 2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo. BMW unveiled the new five door just ahead of the machine's debut at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, complete with a raft of photos. US buyers will be able to get their hands on both 328i and 335i incarnations of the hatchback beginning this summer. Despite ...

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    Report: BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo gets leaked well ahead of Geneva reveal

    The great power of the internet has allowed us to get an early first look at the all-new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo, a car that is slated to be shown in full at the Geneva Motor Show next month, albeit without many details to go on right now. With pictures leaking out this early in the game, we'd ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW 3 Series GT peels off more camo

    We'll spare you the discussion about whether or not it actually makes sense for BMW to create a Gran Turismo version of its 3 Series, especially given the dismal sales of the larger 5 Series Gran Turismo here in the United States. And nevermind the fact that BMW calls its new 3GT "a style ...

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    Rumormill: BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo coming next March

    In spite of the near-Pavlovian howling that commences anytime the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is mentioned, and in spite of the 5GT falling so short of its sales target that BMW has been forced to consider bringing back the 5 Series Touring, the ungainly hatch has outsold that wagon during its time ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW 3 Series GT shakes its rump

    Good as it may be to drive, and better as it may be to ride in, we still don't quite understand the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. It isn't as hunkered down and svelte as a Porsche Panamera or Audi A7 Sportback, and its big booty style isn't exactly the most attractive thing to come out of ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo caught swirling around?

    If you love the idea of the 5 Series Gran Turismo but don't want a vehicle quite that large, BMW's got something baking in the oven that you may very well be interested in: a 3 Series Gran Turismo. Just like its larger sibling, this wagon that's masquerading as anything other than a wagon will ...


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