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    Video: Nissan-wielding Bloodmasters wreak havoc on Raceway Park

    At some point, drifting made the shift from counterculture revolution to the sponsor-laden vehicular equivalent of figure skating. We're not sure when it happened, but we certainly miss the days of watching grainy videos of mountain pass heroes piped over from Japan. The Bloodmasters crew seem to ...

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    Video: Quick Brick: Classic Volvo 240 Wagon races an M5

    The Volvo 240 – and in particular, the five-door version known to fanatics as the 245 – is a certified classic. Its boxy shape, well-earned reputation for safety and cult status among collectors means this Swedish Brick will forever be on our radar as a memorable machine. And, for ...

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    Fontastic! Artist creates font based on Volvo 240 Station Wagon

    Times New Roman? That's for boring people. Graphic artist Alex George is clearly not a boring person. We know this because his love for the the timelessly awesome, relentlessly bulletproof, and "absolutely candid" Volvo 240 Station Wagon spawned what you see above. This, friends, is a font based ...

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    REPORT: Nissan cancels RWD Silvia successor and GT-R sedan, Prius-fight planned

    We knew this was coming, it was just a matter of getting confirmation. According to Autocar, Nissan has suspended plans to create a compact, rear-wheel-drive successor to the Silvia due to Nissan's financial difficulties and Carlos Ghosn's pledge to reduce costs.The first indication that Nissan was ...

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    Rumormill: Nissan's new RWD sports coupe could be hybrid-powered

    We've been obsessively following the developments surrounding Nissan's rumored re-entry into the compact, RWD market, and up until now, it's been assumed that a small-displacement engine would be mounted up front, possibly fitted with a turbocharger. But according to a report by, ...

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    VIDEO: Volvo's 81-year history in 9 minutes

    Click above to view videoVolvo has been making automobiles since April 14, 1927, and while most of us know Volvo for its safe and sometimes fun-to-drive vehicles, the Swedish automaker's history is of course more complicated than that. For instance, Volvo earned its reputation as a safe automaker ...

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    Another Cheap FR Sports Car? Nissan joins the fray

    Japan's top two auto makers have a long and sordid history of ripping off each other's successful designs. No sooner had the Nissan Cube become a run away success in its home market than Toyota came up with the similarly boxy bB (Scion xB). Many years earlier, after the Toyota HiLux Surf ...

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    Boxy, but quick - twin-turbo Supra engined Volvo 244

    If such a thing is possible, Volvo 240s have an even mustier image in Australia than they do in the United States. That's good for those of us who know that they're anvil tough and respond well to modifications. Being front engine, rear wheel drive and European, the ingredients for a stormer are ...


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