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127Nissan working on Juke-based BRZ/FR-S rival?

With the BRZ/FR-S selling like mad, it's no surprise other carmakers are looking jealously at the sales numbers. If rumors are to be believed, Nissan is no exception.

52Watch this Nissan 240SX roll during a drifting exhibition

Probably the less said about this video, the better. According to the video uploader, the event takes place during the "Still Ballin' Car Club Nite Out" (yes, really), but we aren't sure if it's a proper race or just for show. Heck, we can't even figure out where the event took place.

13Vizualtech renders time-attack Nissan 200SX

Vizualtech Nissan 200SX time attack – Click above for high-res image gallery

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