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Packing Light: Denver to Mt. Rushmore and back on a tank of fuel.

Join us as we trek through America's heartland – pickup country – to make the long, round-trip journey from Denver to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota without stopping to fill the tank in a full-size Ram pickup.


Don't blame us, blame the infrastructure. That's what Renault-Nissan Alliance chief Carlos Ghosn essentially said when he explained why his two companies will miss their 2016 goal of having cumulatively sold 1.5 million electric vehicles, the Detroit Bureau reports, citing an interview Ghosn conducted with the Financial Times. Ghosn says that the lack of vehicle-recharging infrastructure pushed out by the US, European and Chinese governments has been more of a factor in the sales situation than


Five models doesn't quite equal GM, but it's pretty impressive for a startup.


California's lead in setting stricter mileage standards for automobiles helped President Obama's administration formulate the new 35.5 mpg requirement for 2016. Since California's voice is so strong in the debate, we can see what might possibly be coming to the whole country in the later half of the next decade by looking at what California thinks will happen after 2016. Reuters did just that, and found that the California Air Resources Board chair Mary Nichols thinks that "a much more stringent


In President Obama's speech this afternoon about the new 35.5 mpg CAFE standard for 2016, he made sure to emphasize the broad support for the new national rule. From the responses we're seeing around the web following the announcement, it's clear that he wasn't just expressing a hope that a broad coalition would come together. Everyone from the Auto Alliance to the Automotive X Prize has put out a statement in favor of the new rule. Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally said:

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