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2014 aston martin rapide

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    Report: Aston Martin Rapide wagon headed for production?

    Back in March at the Geneva Motor Show, we had all manner of shiny new baubles trying to distract us from the Bertone Jet 2+2, a one-off from the Italian design house that basically amounted to an Aston Martin Rapide wagon. Yet we still couldn't take our eyes off the car and mutter a few "what ...

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    Official: Aston Martin Rapide S adds an extra consonant worth 550 hp [w/video]

    Goodbye Aston Martin Rapide. Hello Aston Martin Rapide S. That's right, Aston Martin has unveiled an updated version of its famously beautiful four-door and given its name a new consonant to boot. The 'S' probably stands for "Sport," as the new Rapide's most significant upgrade is under the ...


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