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2013 jaguar xk

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    Official: 2013 Jaguar XK gets new Touring trim, Dynamic Pack

    The naturally-aspirated V8 that only gets a single application in the combined 2013 Jaguar XF and XJ lines soldiers on in the 2013 XK (a 2012 model is pictured, but there are no syling changes), with four of the eight XKs available from next year fitted with the 385-horsepower engine. Yes, that's ...

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    Report: Details on the next Jaguar XK

    Drive a Jaguar XK and you'll agree, there's little wrong with the way it rides, handles, and goes. Looks are subjective and the competition keeps ratcheting up interior quality and equipment to levels that surpass what's sumptuously packed into Jaguar's rakish two-door. With that in mind, Jaguar is ...


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