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2013 ford escape

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    Official: 2013 Ford Escape 1.6L EcoBoost officially rated at 23/33 MPG

    When we drove the all-new Escape recently, Ford was still awaiting official EPA certification for fuel economy. Now, though, the numbers are in, and the Blue Oval can confidently state that it offers the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the small crossover segment... with an automatic transmission, ...

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    First Drive: 2013 Ford Escape [w/video]

    Don't Call It A Comeback

    In the music industry, a band's third album is typically make-or-break. You start with the debut album, introducing the general public to the band's polished works, then comes the sophomore record, which proves whether or not the band can keep its fan base happy and ...

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    Report: Ford says it already has 8,000 orders for new Escape

    The 2013 Escape will soon arrive in dealerships, and it appears Ford has quite a few excited buyers waiting in the wings. The Detroit Free Press reports that Ford already has about 8,000 pre-sales in-hand before buyers have even had the chance to drive the handsome crossover. That's good news ...

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    Official: Ford teams up with NBC for Escape-based reality TV show

    Ford is turning to prime-time TV to introduce the 2013 Escape. The vehicle will be front and center in "Escape Routes," a new NBC reality show that pits six teams of two against one another in a road-trip competition with layovers in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami and San ...

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    Teased: 2013 Ford Escape configurator powers up, prices subject to change

    The configurator for the 2013 Ford Escape is live – or rather, a survey masquerading as a configurator. On the introductory page of small print, there are three crucial bits Ford wants you to know: that "the information on this site is for survey purposes only," that "features and prices ...

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    Los Angeles: 2013 Ford Escape looks better in LA

    Perhaps it's the bright lights of the Los Angeles convention center, or maybe it's just the skilled work of photographer Drew Phillips, but whatever the reason, the 2013 Ford Escape simply looks better here at the LA Auto Show. Our initial impressions of the more traditional CUV shape weren't ...

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    Official: 2013 Ford Escape gets Focused design, EcoBoost power

    We Americans have a long history of clamoring for the forbidden fruit that automakers offer in Europe. Such has been the case with the Ford Kuga crossover – the cuter equivalent of the more traditionally styled Escape here in North America. But under the automaker's One Ford plan, the ...

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    Video: 2013 Ford Escape to offer hands-free power liftgate

    Ford will officially debut the next-generation Escape at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month, but ahead of the crossover's official debut, we're getting our first look at one of the vehicle's new features: a hands-free power liftgate. How does it work? Simply kick your foot under the ...

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    Spy Shots: Next-gen Ford Escape caught with very little cover

    We haven't seen the forthcoming 2013 Ford Escape up close since last March when our spy photographers caught it heavily adorned with camouflage. Until now, that is. New shots of the small Ford crossover reveal plenty of details, from its Focus-like front fascia and vents on the front ...

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    Spy Shots: 2013 Ford Escape caught!

    2013 Ford Escape Spy Shots - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We may not know whether Ford will stick with the Escape name when the vehicle's successor comes along in 2012 as a 2013 model, but thanks to the quick shutters of our crack team of spy photographers, we now have a vague idea of ...

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    Report: Ford to introduce Escape/Kuga concept in Detroit

    Ford Kuga – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A source within Ford Motor Company has reportedly revealed that a near-production crossover concept will be heading to the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. When this concept vehicle takes its production shape, it will serve as the replacement for ...


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