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2013 dodge dart

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    Video: Watch a demo of Dodge Dart's all-digital gauge display

    The 2013 Dodge Dart is Chrysler's first serious attempt at a compact sedan since the Neon, and Team Pentastar appears to be going all out. We were especially interested in getting a first-hand look at the automaker's new infotainment system, and its interesting take on a next-generation ...

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    Detroit: 2013 Dodge Dart is half a Chrysler, hAlf a Romeo for $15,995

    Dodge just pulled the covers off its new compact sedan, the Dart. We're impressed. With an official base price of $15,995, the Dart (pardon us, please, just this once) seems to be a bulls eye to the heart of the small car segment in the United States. We're eager to spend a few minutes behind ...

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    Official: 2013 Dodge Dart is the Neon of the future [w/video]

    Let's be honest: Useful as the Dodge Caliber was, it didn't quite fit into the C-segment as nicely as the plucky little Neon that came before it. But now the Caliber is dead, and the Chrysler Group has a big ol' Italian parts bin to work from in order to create its new crop of cars, the first of ...

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    Breaking: This is the 2013 Dodge Dart [w/video] [UPDATE]

    Chrysler's slow striptease of its pivotal new Dodge Dart sedan has apparently gone on longer than the Internet can stand, because the embargo has started to break, giving us these full-bleed images and video of the handsome new C-segment sedan. Revealed here in aggressive R/T guise and Limited ...

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    Official: Fiat increases Chrysler stake to 58.5%

    How important is the forthcoming 2013 Dodge Dart to the future of Chrysler? Well, it allowed Fiat to boost its stake in Chrysler for the fifth time in the past year today, adding five percent to bring Fiat's total ownership to 58.5 percent. That's because the new Dodge sedan scored a combined 40 ...

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    Why the 2013 Dodge Dart won't really get 40 mpg combined

    Chrysler dropped a bombshell today, insinuating that its forthcoming 2013 Dodge Dart will have a combined fuel economy of 40 miles per gallon. Some media outlets have regurgitated this number without question. But it just isn't true, as that 40-mpg fuel economy number is unadjusted and will most ...

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    Here's the rest of the 2013 Dodge Dart's dash

    Dodge dropped even more teasers on the 2013 Dart early this morning and now comes a full view of the new compact's dashboard courtesy of the automaker's Facebook page. Aside from the gauge cluster with the integrated TFT display we highlighted earlier, we get an eyeful of the rest of the dash, ...

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    Teased: 2013 Dodge Dart interior details revealed

    We're just a few weeks away from the 2012 Detroit Auto Show where, among other things, we'll see the all-new 2013 Dodge Dart for the first time. Parent company Chrysler has already released a few teasers of the compact sedan's exterior, and now, we're getting our first look inside the new ...

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    Poll: Is Dodge smart for dusting off the Dart name? [w/poll]

    Chrysler left a few fans scratching their heads when the company chose to call its new compact car the Dart. Previous rumors had hinted to the possibility of the resurrection of the Hornet name, but the sporty moniker was nowhere to be found when Dodge showed off a few teaser photos of the Alfa ...

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    Report: Marchionne: 2013 Dodge Dart will have optional 9-speed auto, hit 40 mpg

    Dodge might have teased us with a few images and some initial powertrain details on the 2013 Dart, but Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has provided even more in an interview with Reuters. According to Marchionne, the Dart is one piece of a larger puzzle for Chrysler in 2013, and the ...

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    Teased: 2013 Dodge Dart aims for center of compact sedan segment

    Don't call it a Hornet. Dodge has released a slew of shadowy teasers for its new compact sedan, the 2013 Dodge Dart. The company is planning a slow reveal, with snippets of the four-door's exterior and interior trickling out between now and the vehicle's full unveil at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. ...


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