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107Hybrids outsell many market segments in 2012, still struggling

2012 was a rocking year for hybrid vehicle sales here in the US, and Ward's Auto has written up an interesting piece that breaks some of the sales data down. The number-crunchers have tallied, for instance, that the 427,605 hybrids sold in 2012 is a 64-percent increase on the 261,507 sold in 2011.

11Analysts predicting up to 14M auto sales in 2012

Automotive industry analysts are projecting a better sales year in 2012. According to Automotive News, a number of culminating factors could see sales of up to 14 million units next year. That's thanks to factors like decreasing unemployment, improved credit availability and a larger portion of the population looking to replace older vehicles. Don't think that means the overall economy will be any stronger next year, however. According to the studies, buyers have simply grown more callous to new

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